Games I wish I'd seen on 13 December 2013

Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

A quick look at two undefeated team, and the Black Knights almost steal a win.

There are 16 teams left than have not lost a game this season.

Arkansas 11-0
Connecticut 10-0
Duke 10-0
Indiana 10-0
Kentucky 10-0
San Diego 10-0
Brigham Young 9-0
Colorado 9-0
Georgia 9-0
Iowa State 9-0
South Carolina 9-0
Albany 8-0
East Carolina 8-0
Tennessee 8-0
Texas El-Paso 8-0
Oklahoma State 7-0

There are six teams left that have not won a game this season.

Massachusetts-Lowell 0-10
Long Island 0-8
Texas-Arlington 0-8
New Orleans 0-7
Alabama A&M 0-6
Prairie View A&M 0-6

There were only nine games played yesterday, and two of those games involved undefeated teams.  East Carolina (8-0) defeated Alcorn State on the road 85-42.  But if you look at the NCAA Selection Sheet (from of the Lady Pirates, you'll find that they've played five of those games at home and no team they've played has an RPI of more than 128.  They have 21 games left in their season and most of those teams aren't exactly powerhouses.

The other game was San Diego (10-0) beating Long Beach State 68-51.  Unlike East Carolina, they have beaten some teams that are up there in RPI - Arizona State, Idaho, a road win against San Diego State.  This is why San Diego's RPI is 24 and East Carolina's is 96. 

So was one of those games one I'd wish I'd seen yesterday?  No.  This one is:

Ohio State (7-5) beats Army (7-3) at home, 59-56.  All of Army's losses have come against teams with RPI of less than 100, this was the first chance the Black Knights had to get a quality win.  Army tried an artillery barrage of 3-point shots, shooting 8-for-26.  Ohio State let Army open up a 16-9 lead, came back to finish the half in the lead 30-26, then gave up another run to the Black Knights.  Army led 55-49 with 2:23 to go but missed their last five shots and Army head coach Dave Magarity earned a technical, all which game Ohio State the window of opportunity to come back and get the victory.

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