The Best Never


One question that sports fans love to bandy about is who is the best player who hasn't won a championship. A lot of times it's lists of All Time greats, more often it's about current players. Given the relatively short history of the WNBA, there would be considerable overlap in those two lists. So, let's take a look at the the best current WNBA players who have not held The Comet*.

First we'll look at some stats. Not to worry, I'm not going to pull out some weird advanced stats you've never heard of or even those that you have. PPR and TS% and the like have a place, but this isn't it. We're just dealing with the big three of basic stats; points, rebounds, and assists. Just to placate the statheads, note that Sylvia Fowles has the highest career TS% (.628) of any current player who has played at least 90 games and has not won a championship.

First up, points



For PPG, and all per game stats going forward, a minimum of 90 games is required to be listed.

You might find it odd that Candace Parker is not on the total points list while being second on the PPG list, especially considering she had a year head start on Angel McCoughtry. Parker has missed a lot of games while McCoughtry has been very healthy, the end result being that McCoughtry has played nine more games than Parker has through 2013. If you are new to the league you might find Alana Beard's presence here surprising. She was much more of an offensive force before her injury problems than the beat up version playing for the Sparks today.

Next rebounds,



Michelle Snow has been around a long time. There's quite a crop of young post players in the league now, making up for some lean years prior to 2008.




Danielle Robinson would also be the answer if your question was "Who has the best Pure Point Rating among players who haven't won a championship?"

Stats don't tell the whole story, of course. Let's check out All Star appearances,



The USA column is for the Team USA vs WNBA games we had in 2004 and 2010. Sometimes the WNBA counts those as All Star appearances and sometimes they don't, so I listed them separately.

All Star appearances are tainted by fan voting and ballot box stuffing. Let's use All WNBA teams instead,



Only one other player in league history (Natalie Williams) has three First Team All WNBA mentions without a title. No one has four.

We're looking for THE best, not the five or ten best. There's only one best, and that's the MVP. What about MVP shares,



A few others have token votes. I debated about leaving Langhorne off the chart also, as she has not had much support, but she's well ahead of anyone I did leave out. Parker is the reigning MVP, of course, and has won the award twice. She's the only player in league history to win multiple MVPs before winning a title. Charles has won it once.

You've got plenty of data now, so vote. Who's the best current player without a championship?

*The Comet is the WNBA championship trophy. I call it that because The Comets won a bunch of them, it kind of looks like a comet, and it doesn't have any official name beyond "WNBA Championship Trophy" which is a very boring name.

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