Women's basketball links: WNBA draft lottery date still a secret, UConn 'Seven Strong', Brittney Griner's tattoos

Senior Hallie Christofferson is second in the nation in scoring with 28.5 points per game. - USA TODAY Sports

9 links for today, with an actual date set for the 2014 WNBA Draft lottery...that we aren't yet allowed to know.

So you might have noticed that I've started to focus on the 2014 WNBA Draft a bit more, even though I have no idea when the lottery or actual selection of players will occur.

But apparently there is a date...we just won't know it for a while.

  • John Altavilla of the Hartford Courant reports that there has been a date set for the 2014 WNBA Draft lottery: "The Sun know when, but ESPN has imposed a gag order on the release of the date until the first week of December." So we'll be finding out about that soon, hopefully. Read more >>>
  • Iowa Sate Athletics writes that the Cyclones were ranked in a poll for the 12th straight week, with the latest ESPN/Coaches poll ranking them at #16. Interestingly, the gap between their AP and Coaches rankings are the biggest of any ranked team. Also noteworthy, though it isn't getting quite as much attention: senior forward Hallie Christofferson is currently second in the nation in scoring with 28.5 points per games. Read more >>>
  • Carl Adamec of the Jornal Inquirer captured what makes UConn's Stefanie Dolson such an attractive WNBA prospect: "It’s about knowing your role," Dolson said Tuesday after practice at Gampel Pavilion. "I don’t think I’m necessarily always out there to score. I’m out there to make sure the offense is flowing nicely and that the people that are open get the right shots. That comes from getting six assists. Read more >>>
  • KWTX-TV has highlights of Baylor's rout of Rice the other day in which Odyssey Sims scored a game-high 33 points, nearly beating Rice herself. The impressive scoring performance helped Sims stay among the nation's top scorers, as she's currently tied for third with 28 points per game. Read more >>>
  • Chris Seto of the Guelph Mercury reported that Canadian post Natalie Achonwa is expected to return to Notre Dame's lineup not long before the team's game in Toronto against Duquesne, which has four Canadian players on the roster. Read more >>>
  • Michelle Smith of espnW put together a feature about Duke senior Chelsea Gray's trip back home to the Bay Area when she faced Cal to open her season. As she commented after the game, there was a ton of food involved but no leftovers. Read more >>>
  • Mechelle Voepel of espnW discussed coaching with Katie Smith, who will replace Taj McWilliams-Franklin as Bill Laimbeer's assistant with the New York Liberty. In addition to her coaching responsibilities during the season, she'll be helping to scout college talent this offseason. Read more >>>

Of course there are other articles worth reading out there so feel free to drop them in the comments or create a fanshot. If you have a longer commentary to make, write up a fanpost.

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