How Brown's Sophie Bikofsky became one of the nation's top early-season shooters

Brown's Sophe Bikofsky currently has the top true shooting percentage in NCAA DI at 97.1%. - Photo by Ray Floriani.

Ivy League Co-Player of the Week Sophie Bikofsky currently holds the highest 3-point percentage in NCAA DI basketball of anyone with 10 or more attempts, according to Women's Basketball State. Although that percentage will likely drop off at some point, her work ethic won't.

JERSEY CITY, NJ - The stroke and form were near perfect. The textbook type. The ball movement with a purpose.

Catch, plant and shoot.

More than 50% of the time, nothing but net.

Brown junior guard Sophie Bikofsky scored a game high 23 points in Saturday's win at St. Peter's. She buried 6 of 8 from beyond the arc. In the opening loss to Lafayette, Bikofsky knocked down 4 of 5 from three for 16 points. Two games, 10-for-13 from long distance. That is a 77% shooting percentage from deep.

Naturally the averages will catch up but the question persists: How did she develop such a smooth stroke and deadly touch from deep?

"A lot of hard work and dedication," said Brown coach Jean Marie Burr. "She came from a strong AAU program and this Summer played at the Maccabí Games in Israel. That experience really helped. Plus she is just very disciplined and works hard."

Burr estimated Bikofsky would take about 150 threes a day in the offseason. A closer look and chance to speak with the Newton, Massachusetts native revealed during the season she will make 150 a day before calling it a workout.

"In the offseason I try to make a few hundred threes a day," she recalled.

With mid range shots and free throws part of the regimen and not neglected. The Summer is Israel was also special.

"The playing experience was great," she said. "Also getting to see the country was something. It was just a wonderful trip."

A basketball afficianado, she loves her Celtics and feels sad they let Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett get away. But not as sad as when Ray Allen exited for South Beach.

"He (Allen) is my favorite," she says. "His shooting style is just great. I always admired him as a special player."

Bikofsky is aware the percentages will catch up. Regardless, the regiment will continue for the self admitted ‘gym rat'. She is quick as her release to credit those on the floor with her.

"Our ball movement is great to beat close outs," she said, "and my teammates just do a great job of finding and getting the ball to me in a great position."

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