Big 12 Releases Preseason Poll And I Am Surprised...

WOW. The Big 12 Conference officially released it's 2013-2014 preseason poll, and I am nothing short of surprised. Here is the poll, and I will tell you why I am so surprised.

1. Oklahoma Sooners

2. Baylor Bears

3. West Virginia Mountaineers/Oklahoma State Cowgirls

4. ***

5. Texas Longhorns

6. Iowa State Cyclones

7. Kansas Jayhawks

8. TCU Horned Frogs

9. Kansas State Wildcats

10. Texas Tech Lady Raiders

First, I think Baylor is unanimous. Obviously, Griner is a HUGE loss...but Sims, and crew will win the Big 12. This is a no doubter. Oklahoma is good, but not first place by so and so points. I definitely think BU should be first the OU second.

Second, Texas Tech last? I am sorry, they did lose 4/5 starters, but they still have Kelsey Baker and one of the best freshman class in program history. Nonetheless picking them below TCU is not a good thing.

Also, Iowa State 6th? This is wayyy wrong. ISU will not finish 6th. Talent is a plenty, and it's a little more than tough to beat ISU in the Hilton. I definitely see them above Texas.

So, since I have so much to rant about I decided to create my own pre-season poll. Here it is. Unbiased, and fact based.

1. Baylor Lady Bears

2. Oklahoma Lady Sooners

3. Oklahoma State Cowgirls

4. West Virginia Lady Mountaineers

5. Iowa State Lady Cyclones

6. Texas Lady Longhorns

7. Kansas Lady Jayhawks

8. Kansas State Lady Wildcats

9. Texas Tech Lady Raiders

10. TCU Lady Horned Frogs

Here is my explanation.

Baylor: Very good team, and they showed last year they could play with UCONN or any other team for that matter when Griner was not playing well, or not playing at all. I think Baylor has a good chance to make the Elite 8 or greater.

Oklahoma: Yes, this team is good. But not good enough to beat Baylor 2/3 times to win the conference if necessary.

Oklahoma State Lady Cowgirls: Did anyone forget that these ladies won the WNIT a few years ago? This team is ready, and itching for more.

West Virginia: It was also very hard putting this team about ISU. WVU is strong, but not that great. They struggled very bad last year, but had a sub par year. So if they don't struggle they will have a great year...right?

Iowa State: I can see this team being the dark out OU and BU.

Texas: UT was bad last year, and made no real improvements...but since the Big 12 is more even without a powerhouse BU I see them finishing higher.

Kansas: Losing their best player in program history (to be argued) KU will struggle.

Kansas State: Always proving people the football team.

Texas Tech: No more Curry...this team will always play to their potential. Fighters, and one of the best freshman classes will help them be better than predicted.

TCU: TCU will be improved, but will not jump 2 spots? Come on coaches.

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