Adrian Wojnarowski: Sacramento Kings being sold to Seattle based group led by Chris Hansen

If the Kings really do relocate, Sonics fans can now root against Oklahoma City by rooting for the Sonics, instead of rooting against the Thunder. - Ronald Martinez

According to Yahoo! Sports writer Adrian Wojnarowski, the Maloof family which owns the Sacramento Kings NBA team is in talks regarding selling the team to Chris Hansen and Steve Ballmer for $500 million. It is expected that the team will move to Seattle as early as the 2013-2014 NBA season.

From a WNBA perspective, this would mean that for the first time since 2008, the Seattle Storm would be in the same city as an NBA team. If the Kings do move to Seattle, they will likely play at KeyArena until a planned arena is built. We had a pros and cons of this new arena and how it may affect the Storm, given that the return of the NBA, or even a new arena in and of itself would affect the WNBA team. The Seattle Storm also sent out a letter last year to fans where ownership endorsed any new NBA team that came to the town.

In addition, Hansen also supports the Seattle Storm and the WNBA, and encouraged Sonics fans to turn out to their 2012 playoff game against the Lynx last year.

The Maloofs have owned the Kings since 1999, but have faced financial difficulties in recent years. The team was rumored to be moving to Anaheim as early as 2011, but ultimately those plans were scrapped when a deal was made in February 2012. However, a couple of months later the Maloofs backed out of the deal, which resulted into the current situation of the team.

We will see in the coming weeks and months on how this will affect the Seattle Storm if and when the Kings are relocated and presumably become the SuperSonics once again.

I personally felt pretty bad when the Sonics were moved in 2008 where they are now known as the Oklahoma City Thunder, and I also feel bad for Kings fans right now because their team looks like it's no more. However at the same time, their ownership group was hurting financially and this relocation may be in the best interest of the franchise.

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UPDATE at 4:50 PM

According to a tweet from Steve Large of KOVR, CBS 13 in Sacramento, the Maloofs have rejected the offer from Hansen. The saga continues, and regardless, it doesn't appear that this will end well.

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