Sunday Open Thread: Four Games Starting at 3 PM ET

After an odd Saturday off, the league is back today with four games, two of them on NBA TV. All games will be on LiveAccess.

Game 1: Tulsa Shock (7-23) at San Antonio Silver Stars (19-11), 3 PM ET/2 PM CT/12 PM PT | Shock Preview | Stars Select All Time Team | AP Preview from Fox Sports if the league site still shows nothing.

Both teams are coming off of wins. The Stars were above the Storm, literally and figuratively in their last contest. The Shock beat the Mercury in its last game, earning them a tie for 5th in the West (also against the Mercury), but it also gave the team a franchise-best record of seven wins, since moving to Oklahoma. I know, seven wins isn't good in and of itself, but we've chronicled at length about the type of rebuild this team had to go through, and yes, there is a light at the end of the tunnel for them.

This is the last of five matches between the two teams in the heartland of America. SA won every game so far, and I expect the same today, but only due to talent issues, not because of effort, or how well the Shock is playing and executing the game of basketball.

Game 2: New York Liberty (13-17) at Washington Mystics (5-26), 4 PM ET/1 PM PT | Kinda novelty-ish, but here's a piece on the Libs and what they do on the road | Mystics Preview | WaPo Preview |

AP Preview from Fox Sports if the WNBA one still doesn't show a story... don't blame the NBA IT department for not putting it up though.

Today is the breast cancer awareness game for DC, so the Mystics will wear pink. After the game, there will be an auction to hand out team jerseys, USA Basketball stuff, and other Monumental Sports stuff, like Wizards tickets, and mythical Caps tickets.

I'll physically be at Verizon Center today, but I'll probably be more tuned into the Skins game vs. the Rams instead which starts at the same time. If the Libs are getting their butts kicked, while the Giants game vs. the Bucs would probably be over, the Jets are playing the Steelers at 4:25 PM ET.

This is also on NBA TV....

Game 3: Chicago Sky (12-18) at Phoenix Mercury (7-23), 6 PM ET/3 PM Arizona and PT | Sky Preview | Old Link that I don't think that we pushed out, but Suns VP Ann Meyers Drysdale Will Be A Part Time Color Analyst for the Suns This Season

Assuming the Liberty wins today, the Sky really needs to win this game. Even if the Liberty loses, the Sky needs to win this game. Nate alluded to it earlier, but the magic number right now is two for the Sky. Hope the Libs lose and take care of business themselves. The Libs hold the tiebreaker... shucks.

This game will also be on NBA TV nationally and CN100 if you're in the Chicago area.

Game 4: Connecticut Sun (22-9) at Seattle Storm (13-17), 9 PM ET/6 PM PT | Storm Preview | Storm players are resting before their near inevitable match with the Lynx

When the playoff field is basically decided at this point, often the teams on the outside looking in will look to continue losing to gain more lotto balls. The Mercury has been accused of doing this and we've taken note of that. Other teams are just not talented enough to compete most nights, whether the players are otherwise playing the right way like Tulsa, or like Washington where... you know.

Unfortunately on the other end of the spectrum, teams that also basically have their seed determined are going to meddle around too, so stars can rest for the postseason. The Storm is likely going to do just that, even though the good ole ball coach said that "we play to win."

Kara Lawson has had a hell of a year for the Sun, and should Seattle not bring its top guards to battle her, this could be a long day at the Key. At least the Seahawks game against the Cowboys should still be going on if this game goes out of hand early..... You know which team I'm rooting for here!

So those are the games today. Enjoy the basketball on the court, and of course, I know it's NFL season too, so try to balance basketball and football this afternoon and evening if you just can't resist watching your favorite NFL team.

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