Thursday and Friday Open Thread: Six Total Games

Today and tomorrow, there will be six total games. One will be tonight, and five more tomorrow. Every team except the Liberty will play at least one game, and the LA Sparks will be the team playing both tonight and tomorrow.

We seem to have a high proportion of west coast commenters while I'm on the East Coast, and three of these six total games will start at 7 PM or later Pacific Time. For me, that's 10 PM or later.

So here are the games, all on LiveAccess, NBA TV, or local TV perhaps.

THURSDAY GAME: Chicago Sky (12-17) at LA Sparks (20-10), 10:30 PM ET/9:30 PM CT/7:30 PM PT | Sky Preview | ESPN: Illinois Lt. Governor Sheila Simon is on the Sky's Title IX Team

After the Sky's big win earlier this week over Minny, the team's reward is a match against the LA Sparks, the #2 team in the West. Unlike the Liberty, which has a pretty easy end of season schedule based on wins and losses, the Sky has three of its five last games against playoff teams, including this game, Seattle, and Atlanta. Well, at least the Sky has a game against the Mystics, AND no game against Minny or Connecticut left. Simply put, the Sky needs to win in order to keep its still realistic playoff hopes alive.

Time Warner 101 has the game if you're in LA. CN100 has it if you're in Chicago. Nationally, turn on NBA TV.

Time of the game is supposed to be 10:30 PM ET, not 10 PM ET. It's corrected now.


1. Minnesota Lynx (24-5) at Indiana Fever (20-9), 7 PM ET/6 PM CT/4 PM PT | Lynx Visiting the White House on Tuesday, September 18 | Fever is facing three tough opponents in its next three games including a home and home with..... Minny!!!

Minny wants to bounce back from the Sky loss with a win vs. the Fever. Indiana still has the #1 seed to play for, so hopefully this will be a competitive game like it does on paper.

Last month, there was an article about Maya Moore wanting to emulate Tamika Catchings' game, and tonight (and Monday since these teams are in a home and home situation) looks like a great opportunity to see their matchup against each other.

2. Atlanta Dream (17-14) at Washington Mystics (5-25), 7 PM ET/4 PM PT | Queenie's Recap of Tuesday's Mystics Game | Mystics Preview | I may have already put this on last game, but DC just played ATL last Sunday, so here's James' take on Sunday's Mystics Game again | Latest Mystics Minute With The Coach

Atlanta won 7 of its last 10 games, and that's including the Angel drama era. The Dream should mathematically get in the playoffs with a win over DC. And now once again, another Mystics mini-rant in an open thread.

Mystics Mini-Rant

Friday is the mythical renewal deadline to get incentives. That's the big event today. Not the game! This shouldn't come as a surprise to those of you who are reading my ongoing stream of rants, but I will not renew this week because the product is bad, the basketball management is worse, and the ownership hasn't done much else besides lip service to assure that any change will be made. Sure, my guest services rep may very well be telling me the truth and I hope she is, but really, it's time for those words to be put into ACTIONS. Yesterday's game against the Libs was more of the same in terms of Lacey's strategy.

I'm glad Mo Currie had a hell of a game. But yet, Lacey played Natalie Novosel less than 100 seconds, and Izi played under three minutes! Even Natasha Lacy usually got a few more minutes than that. I didn't watch this game but looked at the box score as it changed. That took away 1 minute away of my lifespan instead of 2 so I'll take that any day at this rate.

Until a change is made somewhere with basketball management aside from lip service, no dinero from me, and the clock is ticking ever louder on whether to renew tickets to see the brother team. Seems that they'll have no problem replacing my seats if the team improves, but that's beyond the point. Most members of the Save The Mystics facebook group are doing the same for the Mystics by not renewing now. The thing is most want to renew in principle, but cannot given the current situation.

Even with Angel's suspension, Phoenix's "tanking", Tulsa's staph epidemic, and Seattle's inexplicable (okay, borderline irrational) love for players who are well past their prime, Washington is still the franchise that has the most questions, BY FAR of any team, though Atlanta certainly has a lot more questions now than it did before Olympic break. Saddest part of all is that most of the questions surround issues ABOVE BASKETBALL!!!

I feel really bad for the poor horse I beat to death and crushed into bone powder and now my stick is just beating the ground into a crater. Hopefully it will dig up some gold soon. End of mini-rant.

Thursday 9:15 PM Update: I put up the Mystics preview link from the team site. Coach Lacey mentions in the video provided about "building through the draft" and "acquiring multiple picks in the draft." Ted schpiel of course, and of course, Lacey is talking as if she is still GM and head coach for next year too......... Look for it at around the 50 second mark.

3. Seattle Storm (13-16) at San Antonio Silver Stars (18-11), 8 PM ET/7 PM CT/5 PM PT | Not hoops related but a piece on Salvo Coppa, the husband of former Storm player Adia Barnes

At this point, though both teams are in the playoffs, I think the Storm's seed is solidified at this point barring a huge run by Sue's team, while Becky's goes in the crapper. Both teams haven't been playing particularly great as of late though the Stars killed Tulsa in their last game, so perhaps a win by either team could spark more momentum.

Watch NBA TV for this game.

4. Tulsa Shock (6-23) at Phoenix Mercury (7-22), 10 PM ET/9 PM CT/7 PM Arizona and PT | Shock Preview

It's been nearly three months since these teams last played, with the Shock getting its first win of the season in that last matchup. Now, can they do it again? If Alexis Hornbuckle is suspended by the time this game starts, will DT make this game too much for the Shock to overcome, or will she just go through the motions?

5. Connecticut Sun (22-8) at LA Sparks (21-10), 11 PM ET/8 PM PT | Tan White signs a one year extension for the Sun

I've never seen games starting at 11 PM for the WNBA as of yet, so this is a first. With this game starting at 8 PM locally, that usually is reserved for a bigger time game, and fortunately, this is a potential WNBA FInals matchup if things play out right for both teams.

Turn on NBA TV to see this game nationally, and Time Warner 101 if you're in LA.

Enjoy commenting, ranting, and memeing during these games as playoff seeding solidifies over these two days.

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