Tuesday Open Thread: Two Games and Some More Thoughts on the Mystics

Two games on Tuesday, both featuring interconference matches, one of which gets on NBA TV, between the Storm and Dream.

First, I will give some more thoughts about whether I should renew my season tickets for the 2013 Mystics season.

To Renew or Not Renew, That Is The Question

I may lose my season tickets if I don't renew by Friday!! Oh my goodness! | The Shock and Mercury are also in this historic, make or break draft lottery sweepstakes | The DC BasketCases make a parallel between the way Monumental Sports runs the Wizards and Mystics | Bullets Forever: ESPN Ranks Wizards Last in Fan Relations in Ultimate Team Rankings

Really, as of last weekend, I wouldn't renew for the Mystics and ultimately, the Wizards after 2012-2013. As one link above indicates, September 14, or Friday, is my mythical deadline to renew.

My guest services rep sent me some emails today acknowledging that mistakes were made and also that there is a concrete plan for the future. Obviously, I have to make some leap of faith as to whether to renew this Friday, at the end of this month, or if I should at all. Though Ted and Sheila have never made any statement on it, that was still the most transparent I have ever seen the organization in quite some time. In addition, the plan is to build young in the long term, no surprise. All keywords that are positives for me.

But still, why can't Ted take a minute from NHL CBA negotiations to say or write this plan? Or maybe even Sheila? I know Ted is on the NHL CBA negotiating committee, so I won't demand him to give a speech, but something has to be written about the Mystics by the ownership. Don't know whether I should believe what my guest services rep tells me, and she is good at her job too and tells it how it is more often than not with both teams.

Still debating it now that I got this, but I still do not want to renew until I see change.

Update at 11:30 PM Monday, 9/10 - I read the BasketCases' new post, where they find a new way to hammer the Mystics, and rightfully so when you felt that they crushed the dead horse skeleton last year. I'll admit that I have beaten the crushed skeleton too though from a different perspective of course. Here they noted that the Wizards ended up last of all Big Four league teams in fan relations. So here is the parallel they find between the teams (their post is linked above):

So, that begs the question: what do the Wizards and the Mystics have in common? Well, besides the fact that they’re both pro basketball teams, there are two things for sure: 1) they have the same owners (Ted,Sheila, and the other partners at Monumental Sports), and 2) they share top management (Greg Bibb, Chief Operating Officer of the Mystics, who also serves as Executive Vice President of Business Operations for the Wizards.)

Hmmm . . . something to think about.

This may imply that Ted Leonsis is really stinking it up for Wizards fans in almost every way. If so, I don't agree.

1. The survey likely doesn't have many, and possibly no Wizards season ticket holders.

2. The Fan Relations Score was based on several sub scores for player professionalism, fan appreciation, player accessibility, and fan feedback. Based on those sets of subscores, the final rank was an overall fair assessment based on that definition. I noted that too at Bullets Forever, so you can see more detail on that there. I felt of those four subrankings, the fan feedback ranking was most unfair. If there's anything that Ted does well, it is fan feedback, and relations with the fans is honestly not THAT bad, even though there is a lot of clamoring in DC for a big time free agent and big time team improvement.

3. When a team isn't winning, "everything stinks."

The bigger issue with my anger about the handling of the Mystics is that the team is trying to build the Wizards into a better team through a plan that is meticulous and at least looks good on the surface, whether the ultimate goal of a championship is accomplished or not, and the Mystics are meddling around. Do you think a Coach Lacey equivalent will be coaching the Wizards where her equivalent will grab five Luke Waltons and Brian Scalabrines and say, "We're going to the playoffs" in an open manner? No way in hell that happens!

Either way, the fact that the Wizards ranked that low in those team rankings is no accomplishment to be proud of, and to me, they took a hit in those rankings so the Mystics wouldn't have to be there.

Game 1: Seattle Storm at Atlanta Dream, 7 PM ET/4 PM PT | Lindsey is the Eastern POW

The Storm is now in the playoffs but would like to beat a team better than Tulsa. The Dream would like to beat a team better than the Mystics. Game is on Fox Sports Net in ATL, and on NBA TV nationally.

Game 2: Minnesota Lynx at Chicago Sky, 8 PM ET/7 PM CT/5 PM PT | Maya is Western POW | Lynx Preview

Minny will be the #1 team in the West no matter what, but Chicago is running out of time to clinch a playoff bid. The team's hopes will be much improved with a win over Shannon's team.

This game is on CN100 if you're in Chicago.

September 11, 2011 11th Anniversary

11 years ago, our country was attacked by plane crashes in New York, Arlington, VA, and one plane flight headed toward DC was thwarted when the passengers on United 93 fought back and ultimately, the flight crashed in Pennsylvania. Take some time to remember the victims in New York, the DC area, and also time to thank our armed forces here and abroad.

And of course, enjoy the basketball!

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