Tuesday Open Thread: Four Games Starting at 7 PM ET/4 PM PT

Four games tonight. One of them on NBA TV and all of them on LiveAccess. Let’s get to them.

Game 1: Tulsa Shock (4-19) at Atlanta Dream (12-12), 7 PM ET/6 PM CT/4 PM PT | Shock Preview | GM/Coach Meadors Was Fired Yesterday; Fred Williams Now Has Both Jobs | James' Take

When we thought Angel was turning a corner, Meadors got axed yesterday and now the "Angel is a Diva" perceptions are rampant once again. Either way, there are still 10 games and the playoffs left for ATL, and Coach Williams at least has a pretty talented squad that has the capability to make the Finals for a third straight season if players can look at the task at hand. As for Tulsa, only one more game til Liz is back.

Update at 1:20 PM ET: Okay, maybe not.... Jessica has more. When you thought that the Angel drama was going on, now Liz has joined the fun too...

If you're in Atlanta turn on Fox Sports Atlanta to watch the game.

Game 2: Washington Mystics (5-18) at Indiana Fever (14-8), 7 PM ET/4 PM PT | Mystics Preview | Fever Preview | Izzy's Minute | Nate's Take on Izzy | Mystics Owner Ted Leonsis Has His Thoughts Too And Links The Swish

Washington has Izzy and she will provide some much needed perimeter scoring. The fear that some Mystics fans have is that she may either steal too many minutes from Natalie Novosel, and/or possibly get the Mystics into the 5th place position in the East which would likely further hurt their chances at a Top 3 draft pick. As it stands right now, the Mystics are 3rd worst in the league, and with our luck, we'll get the fourth pick unless David Stern and Laurel Richie feel sorry for me.

Even if Izzy plays at a high level tonight, whether she's starting or off the bench, I don't anticipate the Mystics having the talent to beat this Indiana team on the road, but this is a line that I'm saying like every single game. It looks like a reality without a playoff appearance is setting in with the team's management, and owner Ted Leonsis also acknowledged the fact that the Mystics need more talent in the long run and the theme of youth is coming back, even with her signing on his blog:

We simply need more talent on our roster and adding a piece via free agency will help us in out years. Izzy was available right now - so we decided to sign her when the opportunity presented itself.

We will most likely qualify for a high draft pick this coming off season and gratefully this is a very deep draft.

We need to add more young talent to our lineup – as well as add savvy veterans to help us become much more competitive.

-again, from Ted's Take

Ultimately for this game, it's only news if the Mystics beat the Fever badly and Izzy makes Catch go dizzy.

Game 3: Connecticut Sun (17-6) at Chicago Sky (9-14), 8 PM ET/7 PM CT/5 PM PT | Sky Preview | Queenie's Take on Sunday's Game

These two teams met just last Sunday with the Sky storming to a win that kept them in playoff contention and also got them back into 4th place in the East. If the Sky can win again tonight, this could be a shifting on momentum in Chicago, and maybe I was being too harsh on Coach Chatman just a week ago. The Sky has been better on the road than at home however, by a considerable margin too so we'll see tonight.

Game 4: San Antonio Silver Stars (17-6) at Minnesota Lynx (19-4), 8 PM ET/7 PM CT/5 PM PT | Lynx Preview | The Stars' Breast Health Awareness Auction Raised $41,200 last Sunday! |

Two great teams, but Minny is still 2nd in the power rankings? What the hell?

Easy game of the night. Stars won all but one of their last 15 games, and the Lynx have yet to drop one game since coming back from break. This is also the NBA TV game!

So that's it folks. Throw your thoughts on the ATL coaching change, Izzy's signing, the Sky's momentum if it wins tonight, how good SA/Minny should be, and any further thoughts on a 3x3 basketball team involving league players.

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