Saturday Open Thread: Two More Games Before Dad's Day starting at 7 PM ET/4 PM PT

Unlike yesterday, there are only two games tonight. The Sky and Stars will host games tonight after being the odd teams out in yesterday's quintuple header. We also saw a further stratification of the WNBA team hierarchy today as the best team, the Minnesota Lynx continues to win, and the Shock continues to lose despite playing relatively good basketball all season long. In addition, the Mystics and Storm both joined the Phoenix Mercury in the two win club.

So, here are the games on the docket: the Sky will play the Fever, and the Sparks visit the Stars. All games are on LiveAccess (the NBA will charge you $4.99, the same price for 20 Chicken McNuggets at McDonald's, or 1 cent shy of a footlong sub special at Subway minus sales and restaurant taxes), unless I say it's on Local TV for a specific market.

But first, I'll give my thoughts on the Mystics-Fever game yesterday without getting too deep into the stats. Read the link for that.

Was I happy that we won? Yes. However, even with Shannon Bobbitt (who was an emotional boost for the team yesterday and scored 8 points off the bench), the Mystics allowed the Fever to creep back into the game in the fourth quarter. We had a 5 seconds inbound violation while leading 67-64. In the next play, second year guard Jeanette Pohlen drove to the hoop for a layup to make the score 67-66. In the last seconds of the game reigning MVP Tamika Catchings and Katie Douglas both had open shots at the basket before time expired. So, yes, even though the Mystics won, they still did many, if not most of the same things that allowed other teams to win in late game situations. The big plus is that the Mystics did not allow Indy to hold a big lead throughout the first.

Game 1. Chicago Sky (7-1) at Indiana Fever (4-3), 7 PM ET/6 PM Central/4 PM PT | Sky Preview | Fever Preview

The Catch Squad started out the season winning every game this season including the preseason, and has lost three in a row since, including a game against the Mystics that should have been a solid win, if not like one of those blowouts like LA-ATL or NY-CT yesterday (this is a Fever fan's hypothetical take on yesterday's game). Unfortunately, the Sky is enjoying a franchise record start, and it will not be easy for Indy to bring Big Syl and Epiphanny Prince down to earth.

Indy is about to hit a tough six game stretch with four of these games on the road against Connecticut, Atlanta, and Chicago. The only cupcake will be Tulsa next Saturday, but this game is also on the road. Chicago has only four games left this month, but there is a week between today and next Saturday when the Sky plays.... the Lynx at....Target Center.

Game is on CN100 if you live in the Chicagoland market. I will call this game the game of the night.

Game 2. LA Sparks (7-2) at San Antonio Silver Stars (3-4), 8 PM ET/7 PM CT and Local Time/5 PM PT | Stars Preview

Some of us were thinking that the Sparks were playing above their heads, and yesterday possibly showed that. But keep in mind that the Dream players had to be super motivated to play the Sparks, especially because LA head coach Carol Ross was the lead assistant for the Dream last year. Also, almost all pro teams blow out other teams any given night, but they can also get blown out any given night. That's because the talent gap between the best and worst teams isn't that great in the grand scheme of things. But perhaps Angel's 31 point performance in 25 minutes last night was partly from possibly breaking a team rule, though that's in dispute.

LA is on the second day of a back-to-back and this may be a good thing for them so they can forget about last night. As for the Stars, they had a week to prepare for this game, and for good reason. Three of their next four games will be against.... you guessed it! The LA Sparks! I'll admit that I haven't watched too much Silver Stars basketball so far this year,so I think I'll get a little more caught up with them starting tonight, while watching the US Open at the same time to see if Tiger can get that next major championship.

If you're in the San Antonio market, tune into Fox Sports Southwest, and we'll enjoy the Tim Duncan, Manu Ginobili, and Tony Parker HEB commercials with you when they're on LiveAccess.


There you have it. Enjoy the games, whether it's with your dad, friends, and/or with other SB Nation'ers.

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