Euroball update: 26 November 2012

We'll start off with the wrap-up of last week's Euroleague matches:


In order to rank teams, I use a modified Elo ratings system, just like they do in chess. If there's a good distribution of opponents, the rankings get about as good after 30 games as they're ever going to get . Most of these teams have played at least 10 games - I include all the friendly matches I can find, all domestic cup matches, all international tournament matches, Euroleague, Eurocup, and whatever I'm able to find given the limitations of the internet and the limitations of certain domestic leagues being very nonchalant about being clear or providing timely information.

Since we have 10 games, it's about time that we can start sharing the rankings from teams #1-#20:

Team Name Team Country Game Count Current Elo Ranking
1 UMMC (RUS) Russia 13 2163
2 Spartak Vidnoe Moscow (RUS) Russia 12 2087
3 Fenerbahce (TUR) Turkey 11 1999
4 Galatasaray (TUR) Turkey 12 1942
5 Rivas Ecopolis (ESP) Spain 12 1904
6 Wisla Can-Pack (POL) Poland 14 1897
7 Good Angels (SVK) Slovakia 17 1885
8 Dynamo Kursk (RUS) Russia 10 1884
9 Athinaikos (GRE) Greece 8 1866
10 Famila Schio (ITA) Italy 11 1865
11 Bourges (FRA) France 14 1863
12 Nadezhda (RUS) Russia 13 1860
13 Perfumerias (ESP) Spain 10 1844
14 Taranto (ITA) Italy 6 1838
15 Dynamo Moscow (RUS) Russia 13 1799
16 USK Praha (CZE) Czech Republic 19 1781
17 IMOS Brno (CZE) Czech Republic 17 1770
18 Lattes Montpelier (FRA) France 14 1739
19 Sopron (HUN) Hungary 16 1719
20 CCC Polkowice (POL) Poland 14 1718


With the opening round finishing up next week, and 16 out of 29 teams moving forward, most of the participants in the next round have been decided. This list depends on me understanding Eurocup tiebreakers, which I suspect default to an aggregate if two tied teams split the one-and-one series - the way I figure it 12 teams are on to the next round regardless of what happens next week:

Belarus: Olimpia
France: Lattes Montpelier, Nantes, Tarbes, Union Hainaut
Russia: Chevakata, Dynamo-GUVD, Dynamo Kursk, Dynamo Moscow
Turkey: Botas, Kayseri, Mersin

That leave four teams to go, all of which will be decided next week.

1. UMMC (RUS): 6-0 D, 4-0 E

* Remained undefeated in Euroleague by beating Mondeville (FRA) 82-55 on the road. Mondeville tried to fight back from a 22-11 first quarter by closing to 39-30 at halftime. Unfortunately for Mondeville, the second half was all Ekat.

Mondeville: Amanda Lassiter 11, Naignouma Coulibaly 10/7 reb, Kristen Sharp 7.
UMMC: Sandrine Gruda 20/6 reb, Candace Parker 19/10 reb, Diana Taurasi 19, Deanna Nolan 8, Quanitra Hollingsworth 4.

* Beat Dynamo Moscow (RUS) 89-63 at home. Ekat led 54-25 at halftime and coasted the rest of the way, having 52.7 percent shooting or the game.

UMMC: Candace Parker 18/7 reb, Diana Taurasi 17/7 reb, Sandrine Gruda 16 (Deanna Nolan 4).
Dynamo Moscow: Crystal Langhorne 23 (Kristi Toliver 6, Laura Harper 4).

Next: Nov 28 vs. Perfumerias (ESP) in Euroleague, December 2 vs. Dynamo-GUVD (RUS) in Russia Cup play

2. Spartak Vidnoe Moscow (RUS): 4-2 D, 4-1 E

* Lost to Wisla Can-Pack (POL) in a 76-64 shocker on the road in Euroleague. The visitors found themselves behind in the first quarter and could never crawl out from under. Wisla had lots going for them - an enthusiastic crowd, the first appearance of Alana Beard in Europe this season (this was her first game) and Tina Charles's amazing double-double performance.

* Wisla Can-Pack: Tina Charles 26/13 reb, Anke De Mondt 18, Alana Beard 13, Christina Ouvina 12.
* Spartak Vidnoe Moscow: Seimone Augustus 16/7 reb, Eugeniya Belyakova 12, Candice Dupree 6/9 reb (Becky Hammon 2).

* Beat Dynamo-GUVD (RUS) 84-45 on the road. Spartak won every quarter and led 48-18 at halftime.

Dynamo-GUVD: Anastasiya Shilova 16, Sidney Spencer 9.
Spartak Vidnoe Moscow: Eugeniya Belyakova 17/7 reb, Isabelle Yacoubou 14/6 reb, Seimone Augustu 11, Natalia Vieru 11/11 reb (Candice Dupree 6, Becky Hammon 5).

Next: Dec 2 vs. Spartak Noginsk (RUS) in Russia Cup play.

3. Fenerbahce (TUR): 6-0 D, 3-1 E

* Beat Arras (FRA) on the road 88-59. An easy win against the bottom-feeding team in Euroleague.

Arras: Olesia Malashenko 12, Aurelie Carmona 12, Dawn Evans 8/6 ast.
Fenerbahce: Ivana Matovic 17, Agnieszka Bibrzycka 16, Birsel Vardali 15, Anastasiya Veremeenko 14/9 reb, Angel McCoughtry 11/6 reb (Cappie Pondexter 7).

* Beat Tarsus (TUR) 77-60 at home. Fenerbahce scored 62 points in the paint out of 77. Angel McCoughtry did not play in this game.

Fenerbahce: Ivana Matovic 17, Cappie Pondexter 17, Esmeral Tuncluer 11, Agnieszka Bibrzycka 10, Yasemin Horasan 8/8 reb.
Tarsus: Delisha Milton-Jones 13/9 reb, Danielle Robinson 9, (Melisa Can 6/9 reb, Shay Doron 4).

Next: Nov 28 vs. Good Angels (SVK) in Euroleague, Dec 1 vs. Ceyhan BLD (TUR)

4. Galatasaray (TUR): 5-1 D, 5-0 E (up from #7)

* Beat Perfumerias (ESP) 79-69 on the road in Euroleague. Gala and Ekat are the last undefeated teams in Euroleague - and they both play in Group C, so they're destined to meet sooner or later. Gala won every corner and are starting to look a lot better (and they finally have Lindsay Whalen).

Perfumerias: Marta Fernandez 18, Nicole Powell 13/13 reb, Egle Sulciute 11, Iva Sliskovic 10.
Galatasaray: Lindsay Whalen 22, Isil Alben 17, Sancho Lyttle 16, Ann Wauters 12/8 reb.

* Beat Besitkas (TUR) 81-43 at home. A game without a history, with the home squad winning all four quarters.

Galatasaray: Ann Wauters 23/12 reb, Lindsay Whalen 12/6 reb/7 ast (Sancho Lyttle 7/11 reb).
Besitkas: Jessica Breland 27/13 reb, Milica Jovanovic 11.

Next: Dec 1 at Botas (TUR)

5. Rivas Ecopolis (ESP): 7-0 D, 3-1 E (up from #10)

* Beat IMOS Brno (CZE) 66-59 on the road in Euroleague. IMOS Brno lead 19-12 after the first, but Rivas fought to a 28-28 tie by halftime and won the second half. Rivas finished the game with 14 steals.

IMOS Brno: Farhiya Abdi 22, Tereza Peckova 12, Nicole Ohlde 6/11 reb, Hana Horakova 6/11 reb.
Rivas Ecopolis: Anna Cruz 21, Olexandra Kurasova 17/9 reb, Aneika Henry 11/10 reb.

* Beat Conquero (ESP) 86-72 at home. Rivas remains undefeated in the Spanish League. Another game without a history, with Rivas winning every quarter.

Rivas Ecopolis: Aneika Henry 14/7 reb, Queralt Casas 13, Ziomara Morrison 13/7 reb, Oleksandra Kurasova 12, Anna Cruz 12, Katalin Honti 11.
Conquero: Bernice Mosby 26/7 reb, Lidia Mirchandani 12.

Next: Nov 28 vs. Wisla Can-Pack (POL) in Euroleague, Dec 1 at Gran Canaria (ESP)

6. Wisla Can-Pack (POL): 8-1 D, 1-3 E (new this week)

* Beat Spartak Vidnoe Moscow (RUS) 79-69 at home in Euroleague (see above).

* Beat AZS Rzeszow (POL) 72-42 at home. Wisla led 39-19 at the half and never let up. Wisla is looking great with Alana Beard.

Wisla Can-Pack: Alana Beard 23, Dora Horti 11 (Tina Charles 4).
AZS Rzeszow: Joanna Kedzia 12 reb, Anna Kuncewicz 8, Leah Metcalf 6.

Next: Nov 28 at Rivas Ecopolis (ESP) in Euroleague, Dec 2 at Lider Pruszkow (POL).

7. Good Angels (SVK): 13-0 D, 3-1 E (up from #11)

* Beat Famila Schio (ITA) 79-69 at home in Euroleague (see below).

* Beat SKBD Rucon (SVK) 77-53 on the road. SKBD Rucon led 36-34 at halftime but the second half belonged to the Good Angels.

SKBD Rucon: Ivana Jalcova 21, Romana Stehlikova 13, Regina Palusna 11.
Good Angels
: Plenette Pierson 30, Petra Kulichova 11, Miljana Bojovic 11, Lucia Kupcikova 10, Tijana Krivacevic 10 (Natasha Lacy 8, Allie Quigley 3).

Next: Nov 28 at Fenerbahce in Euroleague, Dec 1 vs. Piestanske C (SLV)

8. Dynamo Kursk (RUS): 5-1, 3-0 EC (down from #4)

* Lost to Chevakata (RUS) 90-87 on the road. Kind of hard to translate what is going on, but this one went down to the wire.

Chevakata: Elena Volkova 19, Katerina Snytsina 18, Glory Johnson 16/12 reb, Juliya Kiseleva 14/13 reb/6 ast, Jasmine Thomas 14/6 ast.
Dynamo Kursk: Temeka Johnson 21/10 ast, Ekaterina Lisina 16, Ausra Bimbaite 14, Maria Cherepanova 12.

Next: Nov 29 vs. Dunav 8806 (BUL) in Eurocup

9. Athinaikos (GRE): 7-1 D (down from #5)

* Lost to AO Ellinikou (GRE) 68-65 at home, ending Athinaikos's four year, 105-game streak of Greek domestic victories. Down by 12 points at the end of the third quarter, Athinaikos tried a comeback but fell short. Undoubtedly this should get more play, but with Greek basketball being so top-heavy, so unknown in the United States and so weakened by financial crisis, it will be a mere footnote.

If they ever ask you the question, "what American was playing for AO Ellinikou when they beat Athinaikos?" it was Breanna Brock from the University of Missouri.

Athinaikos: Afroditi Kosma 24, Lolita Limoura 20.
AO Ellinikou: Breanna Brock 23, Evina Stamati 15.

Next: Dec 2 at Aris (GRE)

10. Famila Schio (ITA): 5-1 D, 4-1 E (down from #9)

* Lost to Good Angels (SVK) 79-69 on the road in Euroleague. It was Schio's first loss in Euroleague this year. Down by 15 going into the fourth quarter, Schio attempted to rally but fell short. Plenette Pierson had a great game.

Good Angels: Plenette Pierson 27/6 stl, Allie Quigley 20 (Natasha Lacy 8).
Famila Schio: Jantel Lavender 15/10 reb, Danielle McCray 13/7 reb, Giorgia Sottana 12/7 ast, Raffaella Masciadri 12, Chiara Consolini 10.

* Beat Umbertide (ITA) 51-34 on the road to remain tied for first in the Italian League. Umbertide was held to 21.4 percent shooting

Umbertide: D'Andra Moss 14 (Courtney Willis 5/7 reb).
Famila Schio: Elodie Godin 14/21 reb, Giorgia Sottana 9, Jantel Lavender 8, Raffaella Masciardi 8.

Next: Dec 2 vs. Orvieto (ITA)

11. Bourges (FRA): 7-3 D, 3-1 E (down from #6)

* Lost to Lattes Montpelier (FRA) 76-51 on the road. Lattes Montpelier took a 10 point lead in the first quarter and never relinquished it.

Lattes Montpelier: Ana Lelas 13, Ana Cata Chitiga 12, Edwige Lawson-Wade 12, Fatimatou Sacko 12.
Bourges: Celine Dumerc 15, Frida Eldebrink 10.

Next: Nov 28 vs. UNI Gyor (HUN) in Euroleague, Dec 2 vs. Nantes (FRA)

12. Nadezhda (RUS): 5-1 D, 2-2 E

* Beat Spartak Noginsk (RUS) 95-54 on the road. A game without a history and a slaughter.

Spartak Noginsk: Natalya Popovich 13/8 reb, Ekaterina Chistyakova 10.
Nadezhda: Zane Tamana 20/11 reb, Vita Kuktene 14, Kelly Miller 12, Dewanna Bonner 11, Aleksandra Tarasova 11.

Next: Nov 28 vs. Sopron (HUN) in Euroleague, Dec 2 vs. Chevakata (RUS) in the Russia Cup.

Fell out: Perfumerias (ESP)


The entire, amazing Wisla Can-Pack vs. Spartak Vidnoe Moscow game. Charles and Beard were great.

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