Euroball update: 18 November 2012

Welcome to this week's Swish Appeal Euroball update - whatever there is, we've got it, and if you're reading it - say "hi".

Family problems

Two players had to leave their respective teams due to family difficulties. Samantha Prahalis left the Maccabi Ramat Hen team of Israel without playing a single game. I suspect her departure is permanent. Riquna Williams left the Good Angels team in Slovakia due to family difficulties and both sides agreed to terminate the contract. Natasha Lacy, formerly at Elitzur Ramla (Israel) will replace her.


With anti-austerity strikes scheduled for Spain, Italy, Greece and Portugal FIBA was taking no chances for the Rivas Ecopolis-UNI Gyor Euroleague game taking place in Madrid. Both teams moved the start time of the game up to 12:30 am (30 minutes after midnight local time) to avoid any interruptions that the strike might have caused.


Tarsus was forced off of its home court due to construction issues, meaning that only 150 fans came to see the Tarsus/Bourges Euroleague matches. Tarsus came within five of beating Bourges, making one wonder how Tarsus would have done on its home court.


There is still a question as to whether or not Katie Douglas will play for Wisla Can-Pack. After waiting until the beginning of November for Tina Charles and still not having Katie Douglas, Wisla is 0-3 in Euroleague. Douglas arrived in Wisla on Thursday but failed her team physical - the MRI showed that Douglas's ankle had not yet fully healed. Team general manager Peter Dunin-Suligostowski stated that if for some reason Douglas could not play the team would find a replacement, but waiting so long for Douglas and not having her makes it a question of whether Wisla will be a top-rank team this year. (They have fallen out of this week's rankings, sitting in the #13 spot.) There is still the possibility that Wisla might sign Douglas after she recovers - but if Wisla doesn't make it out of the first round of Euroleague is there any point?


A very interesting game postponement is taking place in the Greek A1 Women's League of the game between Olympiakos and Ikaros that was scheduled for Saturday was instead moved to Wednesday the 21st. The reason given is "because of employee absenteeism in sports facilities of Magnesia". I wonder if this is a way of saying "strike" or "walkout". Given the political condition of Greece, it's untelling.


If you played for Maccabi Ashdod, it was a very interesting week. The city of Ashdod is located less than 30 miles away from the Gaza Strip, where there has been a exchange of rocket fire between Israel and the Hamas forces in Palestine. A Hamas rocket hit the town of Kiryat Malachi west of Ashdod and killed three Israels.

All of the Israeli players on Ashdod left the city on Wednesday. All of the foreign players on Ashdod went north to stay at a hotel in Bat Yam. This would probably include Ashley Shields, Charde Houston, Brittany Denson, and Danielle Adams.

1. UMMC (RUS): 5-0 D, 3-0 E

* Beat CCC Polkowice (POL) 66-57 at home in Euroleague. A 25-7 second quarter gave Ekat a 41-22 lead at halftime, and Ekat slacked during the fourth quarter. Polkowice tried to make it a game but couldn't dig themselves out.

UMMC: Candace Parker 16/14 rebounds, Sandrine Gruda 14/8 ast (Deanna Nolan 6, Diana Taurasi 4).
CCC Polkowice: Nnemkadi Ogwumike 17/9 reb, Agnieska Majewska 16, Valeria Berezhynska 13 (Laia Palau 0 pts/10 ast).

* Beat Chevakata (RUS) 75-47 on the road. A game without a history, Ekat won every quarter and had 33 offensive rebounds.

Chevakata: Katerina Snytsina 17, Elena Volkova 11 (Juilya Kiseleva 5/8 reb).
UMMC: Candace Parker 16/10 reb, Sandrine Gruda 15/8 reb, Silvia Dominguez 11/5 ast, Deanna Nolan 10 (Quanitra Hollingsworth 4).

Next: Nov 21 at Mondeville (FRA) in Euroleague, Nov 25 vs. Dynamo Moscow (RUS)

2. Spartak Vidnoe Moscow (RUS): 3-2 D, 4-0 E

* Beat IMOS Brno (CZE) 95-63 at home in Euroleague. A decisive game where Spartak won every single quarter.

Spartak Vidnoe Moscow: Natalia Vieru 15, Seimone Augustus 11, Marina Kuzina 11, Isabelle Yacoubou 10, Candice Dupree 9 (Becky Hammon 6).
IMOS Brno: Farhiya Bdi 24, Tereza Pecková 11/7 reb.

* Beat Rostov (RUS) 77-48 at home. Rostov is winless in the Russian League this year. Spartak won every quarter.

Spartak Vidnoe Moscow: Eugeniya Belyakova 18, Seimone Augustus 13, Becky Hammon 10 (Candice Dupree 8).
Rostov: Elena Pavlova 13, Elena Gogiya 10.

Next: Nov 21 at Wisla Can-Pack (POL) in Euroleague, Nov 26 at Dynamo-GUVD (RUS)

3. Fenerbahce (TUR): 5-0 D, 2-1 E

* Beat Sopron (HUN) 77-71 at home in Euroleague. Sopron lead 36-20 at one point but Fenerbahce dug itself out, with a 3-pointer by Agnieszka Bibrzycka putting them up 67-65 with 3:26 to go. Angel McCoughtry scored five of her 11 points in the final three minutes as Sopron ground to a halt late in the fourth.

Fenerbache: Ivana Matovic 17/6 reb, Agnieszka Bibrzycka 13, Cappie Pondexter 12, Angel McCoughtry 11/8 reb.
Sopron: Shenise Johnson 20/10 reb, Jelena Milovanovic 18/7 reb, Sara Krnjic 11/7 reb.

* Beat TED Ankara (TUR) 85-54 at home. Fener led 43-23 at halftime and is tied with Kayseri (TUR) for first place in the Turkish league.

Fenerbahce: Angel McCoughtry 18, Agnieszka Bibrzycka 14, Olcay Cakir 11.
TED Ankara: Mercedes Walker 11/6 reb, Mactabene Amachree 19/19 reb, Aysu Keskin 8/7 reb.

Next: Nov 21 at Arras (FRA) in Euroleague, Nov 24 vs Tarsus (TUR)

4. Dynamo Kursk (RUS): 5-0 D, 3-0 EC (up from #9)

* Beat Botas (TUR) 86-62 on the road in Eurocup. Kursk's win in the three-team Group F gets them to 3-0 and should secure them a spot in the Field of 16. Botas will probably finish second in Group F, so it's not over for them with two weeks to go in group play.

Botas: Courtney Paris 22/9 reb, Christi Thomas 6/9 reb (Quianna Chaney 2).
Dynamo Kursk: Ausra Bimbaite 22, Shay Murphy 18, Epipphany Prince 17, Ekaterina Lisina 13/8 reb (Michelle Snow 1).

* Beat Dynamo-GUVD (RUS) 77-41 at home. Dynamo Kursk won every quarter and both teams emptied their benches at the end to rest their starters. Dynamo-GUVD only shot 24.6 percent from the field.

Dynamo Kursk: Ekaterina Lisina 20/9 reb, Michelle Snow 19/7 reb, Epipphany Prince 18, Maria Cherepanova 11, Shay Murphy 11.
Dynamo-GUVD: Yvonne Turner 10, Liubov Paskalenko 10, Sidney Spencer 6.

Next: Nov 25 at Chevakata (RUS)

5. Athinaikos (GRE): 7-0 D

* Defeated Terpsithea (GRE) 59-46 on the road to extend their streak of domestic league victories to 105 straight. Athinaikos led by 12 points at halftime and their streak remained secure in their very top-heavy league.

Terpsithea: Brittany Johnson 14/15 reb, Natali Plumbi 14 Anna Spyridopolou (2/12 reb).
Athinakios: Lolita Lymoura 17/7 reb, Aikaterini Spatharou 10, Zoi Kechagia 10, Afroditi Kosma 10.

Next: Nov 24 vs. AO Ellinikou (GRE) - both teams are undefeated in the Greek league.

6. Bourges (FRA): 7-2 D, 3-1 E

* Beat Tarsus (TUR) 65-61 on the road in Euroleague. Tarsus, hoping for their first Euroleague win ever, closed within one point but Bourges hit three out of the last four free throws to win.

Tarsus: Danielle Robinson 16, Melisa Can 15/12 reb, Delisha Milton-Jones 9/7 reb.
Bourges: Frida Eldebrink 18, Endene Miyem 15/8 reb, Zoe Dimitriakou 10, Emmeline Ndonge 10/7 reb (Celine Dumerc 6 ast).

* Beat Villeneuve (FRA) 65-58 at home. Bourges either won or tied every quarter, but the gaps were very close.

Bourges: Nwal-Endene Miyem 16/7 reb, Frida Eldebrink 13, Emmeline Ndongue 10, Celine Dumerc 8/9 ast.
Villeneuve: Bintou Dieme 16, Olayinka Sanni 14, Sandra Pirsic 8, Emma Meesseman 8.

Next: Nov 24 at Lattes Montpelier (FRA)

7. Galatasaray (TUR): 4-1 D, 4-0 E (up from #10)

* Beat Mondeville (FRA) 58-47 at home in Euroleague. Gala, down 31-26 at the half, turned on the defense and held visiting Mondeville to just 16 second-half points.

Galatasaray: Ann Wauters 15, Lindsay Whalen 15, Saziye Ivegin 10/8 reb, Sancho Lyttle 9/6 reb.
Mondeville: Laetitia Kamba 10/10 reb, Naignouma Coulibaly 9/18 reb.

* Beat Istanbul U (TUR) 69-63 on the road. Istanbul hoped for an upset tied 61-61 late in the game, but a shot by Ann Wauters and a jumper by Lindsay Whalen squashed any surprises.

Istanbul U: Essence Carson 12/5 reb, Irina Osipova 12/8 reb, Emine Palazoglu 11, Jessica Davenport 11.
Galatasaray: Lindsay Whalen 21, Ann Wauters 15/9 reb, Bahar Caglar 9, Sancho Lyttle 8.

Next: Nov 21 at Perfumerias (ESP) in Euroleague, Nov 24 vs. Besitkas (TUR).

8. Perfumerias (ESP): 3-2 D, 1-2 E (down from #4)

* Lost to Cadi ICG (ESP) 80-74 on the road. Cadi ICG had the upper hand in this game, leaving Eurofans to wonder if this year will be a year of disappointment for Salamanca. Perfumerias managed to get as close as five points in the final quarter, but it slipped away.

Cadi ICG: Astou Traore 19 (9-for-10 FT)/8 reb, Arhonda Covington 18/10 reb, Aja Parham 14.
Perfumerias: Marta Fernandez 23, Marta Xargay Casademont 18.

Next: Nov 21 vs Galatasaray (TUR) in Euroleague, Nov 24 vs UNB Obenasa (ESP)

9. Famila Schio (ITA): 4-1 D, 4-0 E (down from #8)

* Beat Arras (FRA) 74-49 at home in Euroleague. Schio won or tied every quarter, and a 15-2 jump at the start of the third quarter made it clear who the winner would be.

Famila Schio
: Jantel Lavender 20, Elodie Godin 10/10 reb/5 ast, Danielle McCray 9.
Arras: Dawn Evans 15, Johanne Gomis 10.

* Beat Faenza (ITA) 73-54 at home. Faenza was blown out in the final quarter 23-10.

Famila Schio: Raffaella Masciardi 16, Giorgia Sottana 12, Kathy Wambe 10, Laura Macchi 10 (Jenifer Nadalin 4/10 reb).
Faenza: Kathrin Ress 18/13 reb, Kristen McCarthy 18/8 reb, Martina Crippa 11.

Next: Nov 21 at Good Angels (SLK) in Euroleague, Nov 25 at Umbertide (ITA)

10. Rivas Ecopolis (ESP): 6-0 D, 2-1 E (new this week)

* Beat UNI Gyor (HUN) at home 84-63 in Euroleague. "Midnight Madness" in Spain, with a game that started at 12:30 am due to the threat of a general spike. Rivas's fans made a party atmosphere of it as a 24-8 first quarter set the tone for a Rivas win.

Rivas Ecopolis: Anna Cruz 19, Ziomara Morrison 15, Queralt Casas 13, Vega Gimeno 12, Katalin Honti 10/6 ast (Laura Nicholls 5/9 reb).
UNI Gyor: Ieva Kublina 14/10 reb, Chay Shegog 13, Zsofia Simon 11, Nora Nagy-Bujdoso 10, Nataie Hurst 7/7 reb.

* Beat Burgos (ESP) 75-62 on the road. The two teams were tied 30-30 at halftime, but Rivas pulled out the win.

Burgos: Rachel Allison 19/9 reb, Laura Gil 14/8 reb.
Rivas Ecopolis: Anna Cruz 15, Ziomara Morrison 14/9 reb, Laura Nicholls 12/6 reb, Katalin Honti 10 (Aneika Henry 7/6 reb).

Next: Nov 21 at IMOS Brno (CZE) in Euroleague, Nov 24 vs. Conquero (ESP)

11. Good Angels (SVK)
: 12-0 D, 2-1 E (up from #12)

* Beat MBK Ruzomberok (SVK) 82-45 at home. No boxscore, information comes from the Good Angels website. They imply it was an easy win; I believe them.

Good Angels
: Allie Quigley 16, Petra Kulichova 12, Plenette Pierson 8.
MKB Ruzomberok: Sequoia Holmes 15.

Next: Nov 21 vs Famila Schio (ITA) in Euroleague.

12. Nadezhda (RUS): 4-1 D, 2-2 E (down from #7)

* Lost to Targoviste (ROM) 79-76 on the road in a Euroleague stunner. Down 79-76, DeWanna Bonner attempted the 3-point shot for the tie, but she was blocked by Monique Currie, a block that gave Targoviste their first Euroleague win.

Targoviste: Gabrielle Marginean 18, Milca Bjelica 15/8 reb, Elina Babkina 13, Jillian Robbins 13/9 reb, Monique Currie 10/8 reb.
Nadezhda: Zane Tamane 15/6 reb, Renee Montgomery 14/11 ast, DeWanna Bonner 13/17 reb, Iva Perovanovic 11, Elena Danilochkina 10 (Kelly Miller 5).

The blocked shot can be seen at around 1:55.

* Beat Energy Ivanovo (RUS) 82-41 at home. Like Rostov, Energy Ivanovo is also winless in the Russian League. At the end of the third quarter Nadezhda held a 70-25 lead. Nadezhda was 22-for-24 at the free throw line.

Nadezhda: Zane Teilane-Tamana 16, Renee Montgomery 14, DeWanna Bonner 13, Alexandra Tarasova 13 (Kelly Miller 0).
Energy Ivanovo: Olga Ovcharenko 12, Olga Gorbacheva 10/8 reb (Janell Burse 4).

Fell out: Wisla Can-Pack


Epipphany Prince has a few words for the fans.

Sandrine Gruda and Candace Parker for the Batu MAMA organization. (With Laila!)

A commerical for the upcoming Wisla Can-Pack/Spartak Vidnoe Moscow game (with a brief clip of Tina Charles at 1:38)

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