Euroball update: 12 November 2012

Let's start this week's review of Euroball with the basic Euroleague film clip:

There's not a whole lot going on in the world of Euroball, except in....

Turkey reported that Ilona Korstin will receive an award of 74,500 Euros (94,500 USD) from the Turkish club Besitkas as FIBA's Basketball Arbitral Tribunal had decided in favor of Korstin in a salary dispute.

A great page to visit is FIBA's Basketball Arbitral Tribunal (BAT) page. Even though the records only go back a few years, here is a list of all of the women's basketball players who have had to go to the FIBA BAT to get some of their money from Besitkas.

2009 Milica Dabovic
2010 Alexis Hornbuckle
2010 Laura Harper
2010 Dubravka Dacic
2011 Sandra Mandir
2012 Iveta Salkauske
2012 Iziane Castro Marques
2012 Kelly Da Silva
2012 Ilona Korstin

Besitkas loves to plead poverty, but they must be paying out or FIBA would forbid them to sign new players. I expect the names of Jessica Breland and Milica Jovanovic to be added to this list someday. Give it time.


The doors finally closed on ROW Rybnik, who could not find the financial support to keep going in the PLKK. All of the players from Rybnik are now officially released and are free to find work elsewhere. Their major foreign players were released earlier and have all found work at other clubs.

The club had hoped that the city of Rybnik would grant them money to move forward. The city had granted the club 300K zlotny previously and were scheduled to grant them 400K zlotny. However, the city was not happy with the repayment of the first grant - the city was still waiting for 80K zlotny - and suspended the second grant. An inspection by the city revealed no financial fraud, but the two sides could not come to any agreement.

Gabriel Wistub, the president of the club, made a strong statment: "Unfortunately, in view of concerns that Rybnik reported that the settlement of the previous installment of the grant and numerous media reports affecting the good name of my club and our credibility is so low that we were unable to obtain adequate resources to continue the operation of other sponsors."

The back-half of the PLKK's schedule will be announced on November 15th, since the team was previously an 11-team league and ROW Rybnik's departure would leave two teams having bye weeks every week otherwise. The results of the two games played by Rybnik will not be counted in the standings.


An interesting sidebar to this weekends Athinaikos-Panathinaikos game - Panathinaikos asked for 120 tickets from Athinaikos but after discussion with the police, the police refused the request, fearing trouble between the two groups of fans.

The game was...a bit controversial. Here is what Athinakos wrote on its website (badly translated into English):

The referees are not even kept up appearances and their tolerance to the team of Panathinaikos was undisguised. Characteristic of misconduct that was our team of Messrs. Teftiki and Karaviti is the fact that the tall, our Voukisevits, Cosmas and Zotova charged with absent early fouls, while Sophia Kyriakopoulou excreted in the fifth foul in the fourth period (the last two fouls charged to Kyriakopoulou were absent).

The enclosure of "Ergane" was packed and the strange decisions of the arbitrators against our team did not go unnoticed by the audience, who were protesting and standing mocked the arbitral duo.

The Chair of the Steering Committee of the Athenian A.S.V., Nikos Chardalias convened an extraordinary general meeting and the next steps expected of our team, in relation to the arbitration unacceptable and what happened in recent days.

Talk about sore winners.


The Israel league got off to a very poor start. Elitzur Ramla postponed its opening game against Elitzur Netanya, and that's never a good sign. They also let their foreign players go (they have signed more foreign players, but cheaper ones). Shades of ROW Rybnik, above! The good thing was that it wasn't so late in the season that the players let go couldn't find work elsewhere. Shay Doron left for Tarsus in Turkey and Amanda Jackson returned to Union Hainaut in France. Allison Hightower, Kaalya Chones and Whitney Boddie are their replacements.

According to the Israel sports press, training is irregular. There is no coaching staff at Elitzur Ramla, leaving the players to fend for themselves. The team is about 250,000 USD in the red and most teams have a 500,000 USD budget for the year. It was implied that Elitzur Ramla would try to make due with a 175,000 USD budget, the bare-bones minimum.

Woman's basketball player Anna Draigor - 52 years old - is pessimistic. From a translated article:

"Women's basketball will disappear is," says Draigor. "People are not willing to run the industry. While there were people willing industry made sure to remove them, put their feet. Persons professional like me, who have a connection to the basket, are out. While others, who have no connection, run the women's basketball, acting without responsibility, not give to those who managed to continue operations."

Furthermore, the Ramat Hasharon-Hapoel Petah Tikvah game was also postponed due to a car crash involving the players on one of the teams.

1. UMMC (RUS): 4-0 D, 2-0 E (up from #2)

* Beat USK Praha (CZE) 78-71 on the road in Euroleague. Prague was up 38-24 in the second quarter, but the problem for Prague was too much Diana Taurasi. The home squad managed to close to five points on a pair of free throws by Jelena Dublevic with 31 seconds left but couldn't stop Ekat.

USK Praha: Jelena Dublevic 16, Rebekkah Brunson 12, Kia Vaughn 9 (Jelena Scerovic 7/6 reb).
UMMC: Diana Taurasi 25, Ewelina Kobryn 13/6 reb, Candace Parker 11/8 reb (Deanna Nolan 4, Quanitra Hollingsworth 2).

* Beat Spartak Noginsk (RUS) 91-45. Ekat led 44-15 at halftime, and both sides emptied the bench in the second half.

Spartak Noginsk: Maria Ivanova 10/9 reb, Anna Tolikova 8/10 reb.
UMMC: Candace Parker 14/8 reb, Anete Jekabsone-Zogota 12, Deanna Nolan 10, Silvia Dominguuz 10, Tatiana Popova 10, Sandrine Gruda 10.

Next: Nov 14 vs. CCC Polkowice (POL) in Euroleague, Nov 18 at Chevakata (RUS).

2. Spartak Vidnoe Moscow (RUS): 2-2 D, 3-0 E (down from #1)

* Beat UNI Gyor (HUN) 74-56 on the road in Euroleague. Not much of a game with Spartak VM in the lead for most of it, letting the petal off the gas in the fourth quarter. Seimone Augustus joins Spartak Vidnoe Moscow for her first European game.

UNI Gyor: Natalie Hurst 11, Krisztina Raksanyi 11, Nora Nagy-Bujdoso 10/6 reb, Chay Shegog 8.
Spartak Vidnoe Moscow: Natalie Vieru 19/6 reb (8-for-9 shooting), Marina Kuzina 11, Seimone Augustus 11, Candice Dupree 8 (Becky Hammon 5/4 ast).

* Lost to Nadezhda (RUS) 87-75 at home. Even frequent substitutions couldn't keep Nadezhda at bay, and the loss knocks Spartak from the #1 spot on our Euroball list.

Spartak Vidnoe Moscow: Candice Dupree 22 (10-for-11), Becky Hammon 17/5 ast, Seimone Augustus 12 (Natalia Vieru 5/8 reb).
Nadezhda: DeWanna Bonner 32 (13-for-16)/7 reb, Elena Danilochkina 16, Liudmilla Sapova 16 (Kelly Miller 0).

Next: Nov 14 vs. IMOS Brno (HUN) in Euroleague, Nov 18 vs Rostov (RUS).

3. Fenerbahce (TUR)
: 4-0 D, 1-1 E

* Lost to Nadezhda (RUS) 65-64 on the road in Euroleague. A real back and forth battle that went down to the end. Angel McCoughtry put Fener up by one point with less than 30 seconds to go on a pair of free throws but a jumper by DeWanna Bonner with 12 seconds left put Nadezhda up for good.

Nadezhda: Natalia Zhedik 19, DeWanna Boner 16/9 reb, Renee Montgomery 10, Zane Teilane 8/11 reb.
Fenerbahce: Angel McCoughtry 15/6 reb, Cappie Pondexter 14, Ivana Matovic 13/9 reb, Agnieszka Bibrzycka 11.

This is from Janis Kacens at, from his personal copy of the game video:

* Beat Istanbul Univ (TUR) 84-66. Fener was down 19-17 at the end of the break, but won every quarter after that.

Fenerbahce: Ivana Matovic 20/10 reb, Birsel Vardarli 17/7 reb/8 ast, Angel McCoughtry 15, Anastasiya Veremeenko 12, Esmeral Nevlin 12.
Istanbul Univ: Tugba Palazoglu 15, Essence Carson 15, Irina Osipova 12/8 reb, Jessica Davenport 10.

Next: Nov 14 vs. Sopron (HUN) in Euroleague, Nov 17 vs. TED Ankara (TUR).

4. Perfumerias (ESP): 3-1 D, 1-2 E

* Lost to Mondeville (FRA) 73-64 on the road in Euroleague. Four points was as close as Perfumerias ever got, and that was in the second quarter.

Mondeville: Amanda Lassiter 21, Naignouma Coulibaly 10/7 reb, Ingrid Tanqueray 8/6 ast, Kristen Sharp 8.
Perfumerias: Marta Fernandez 16, Egle Sulcuite 14/6 reb, Nicole Powell 9, Lucila Pascua 8/6 reb.

* Beat Girona (ESP) 65-63 at home. Perfumieras had to hold off Girona until the very end of a close game, with the home squad managing to hang on by the skin of their teeth.

: Marta Fernandez 20, Nichole Powell 9, Egle Sulcuite 9, (Lucila Pascua 5/11 reb, Roneeka Hodges 4).
Girona: Jacinta Monroe 12/12 reb, Noemi Jordana 10/8 reb/8 ast (Cierra Bravard 6, Allison Feaster 4).

Next: Nov 17 at Cadi ICG (ESP).

5. Athinaikos (GRE): 6-0 D

* Beat Panathinaikos (GRE) 78-75 at home. It was a battle of undefeateds and Athinaikos's narrow win - their 104th consecutive domestic win - keeps them in a tie with AO Ellinikou for first place in the Greek league. Those two teams will square up on November 24.

Athinaikos: Afroditi Kosman 23/6 reb, Zoi Kechagia 12, Sofia Kiriakopoulou 11.
Panathinaikos: Diana Delva 27/12 reb, Ionna Diela 14, Dimitra Kalentzou 13, Maria Moschopoulou 10.

Next: Nov 17 at Terpsithea (GRE).

6. Bourges (FRA): 6-2 D, 2-1 E (up from #8)

* Defeated Rivas Ecopolis (ESP) 60-49 in Euroleague at home. After tying the game 12-12, Rivas fell into a 23-2 sinkhole that they couldn't climb out of.

Bourges: Celine Dumerc 19, Frida Eldebrink 12 (Stephany Skrba 0 pts/10 reb).
Rivas Ecopolis: Olexandra Kurasova 12, Vega Gimeno 10, Aneika Henry 7/14 reb.

* Beat Landes (FRA) 62-60 on the road.

Landes: Valeriane Ayayi 14, Anais Le Gluher 13, Carmen Guzman 11, Jennifer Humphrey 10/13 reb.
Bourges: Celine Dumerc 11, Frida Eldebrink 11 (Emmeline Ndongue 8/9 reb).

Next: Nov 14 at Tarsus (TUR) in Euroleague, Nov 17 vs. Villeneuve (FRA).

7. Nadezhda (RUS): 3-1 D, 2-1 E (new this week)

* Beat Fenerbahce (TUR) 65-64 at home in Euroleague (see above).

* Beat Spartak Vidnoe Moscow (RUS) 87-75 on the road in domestic play (see above).

Next: Nov 14 at Targoviste (RUS) in Euroleague, Nov 18 vs. Energy Ivanova (RUS).

8. Famila Schio (ITA)
: 2-1 D, 3-1 E (new this week)

* Beat Sopron (HUN) 66-60 on the road in Euroleague. Down 38-28 at halftime, they managed to tie it after three quarters and led throughout the fourth.

Sopron: Jelena Milovanovich 22, Shenise Johnson 21/10 reb.
Famila Schio: Giorgia Sottana 14, Laura Macchi 13, Elodie Godin 12/8 reb, Danielle McCray 12/7 reb.

* Beat Taranto (ITA) 71-65 on the road. It was a #3 vs. #4 matchup in Italian domestic league play with Famila Schio getting the upper hand. Famila Schio shot 10-for-16 from 3-point range.

Taranto: Liron Cohen 19, Megan Mahoney 13, Gintare Petronyte 12.
Famila Schio: Giorgia Sottana 16 (5-for-6 from 3-point range), Rafaella Masciadri 16.

Next: Nov 15 vs. Arras (FRA) in Euroleague, Nov 18 vs. Faenza (ITA).

9. Dynamo Kursk (RUS): 3-0 D, 2-0 EC (down from #7)

* Beat Dunov 8806 (BUL) 99-70 on the road in Eurocup. A game without a history, and with Kursk beating the Bulgarians 28-14 in the final quarter. Michelle Snow had a 21 point, 11 rebound game for Kursk.

Dunav 8806: Amanda Johnson 24/6 reb, Merika Anderson 20.
Dynamo Kursk: Michelle Snow 21/11 reb, Shay Murphy 21, Epiphanny Prince 18, Ekaterina Lisina 15/9 reb, Temeka Johnson 10/8 reb/6 ast.

* Beat Rostov (RUS) 73-35. Another game without a history against the doormats of the Russian league. Michelle Snow had another good game.

Dynamo Kursk: Michelle Snow 17/11 reb, Varvara Psareva 13/13 reb, Maria Cherpanova 12/8 reb, Epippany Prince 11/7 reb/5 ast (Shay Murphy 4, Temeka Johnson DNP).
Rostov: Elena Gogiya 15/12 reb.

Next: Nov 15 at Botas (TUR) in Eurocup, Nov 18 vs. Dynamo-GUVD (RUS).

10. Galatasaray (TUR): 2-1 D, 3-0 E

* Beat CCC Polkowice (POL) on the road in Euroleague 50-48. Lindsay Whalen finally made her debut at Galatasaray and proved to be a factor on defense, but Galatasaray almost hiccuped the game away, leading 48-38 with four minutes left and almost allowing a Polkowice comeback. With one second left, Magdalena Leciejewska missed a putback on an offensive rebound that could have tied it for Polkowice and sent the game into overtime.

CCC Polkowice: Nnemkadi Ogwumike 15/6 reb, Magdalena Leciejewska, Belinda Snell 9 (Laia Palau 5/8 ast).
Galatasaray: Sancho Lyttle 8/7 reb, Lindsay Whalen 8, Isil Alben 8, Ann Wauters 6/7 reb.

* Beat Edremit (TUR) 100-42 on the road. Gala went to ten players for the win.

Edremit: Marina Solopova 13.
Galatasaray: Lindsay Whalen 21, Sancho Lyttle 17/11 reb, Ann Wauters 15, Isil Alben 11, Saziye Ivegin 10.

Next: Nov 14 vs. Mondeville (FRA) in Euroleague, Nov 17 at Istanbul Univ (TUR).

11. Wisla Can-Pack (POL): 8-0 D, 0-3 E (down from #6)

* Lost to IMOS Brno (CZE) 77-74 on the road in Euroleague in an overtime game. Tina Charles of Wisla was a monster in her first Euroleague game this year, scoring 32 points and 14 rebounds. Unfortunately, Wisla committed 25 fouls and are winless in Euroleague this year.

IMOS Brno: Farhiya Abdi 26, Hana Horakova 15/6 reb, Nicole Ohlde 14/13 reb.
Wisla Can Pack: Tina Charles 32/14 reb, Christina Ouvina 10/8 reb, Dora Horti 8/8 reb.

* Beat PTK Pabianace (POL) 82-44. Wisla remained undefeated in PLKK play, with an easy and decisive win. Tina Charles was only needed for 10 minutes.

Wisla Can-Pack: Katarzyna Krezel 14/7 reb, Anke De Mondt 13, Cristina Ouvina 10/5 ast, Tina Charles 8.
PTK Pabianace: Monika Jasnowska 18, Katarzyna Salska 11/8 reb.

Next: Nov 18 at CCC Polkowice (POL).

12. Good Angels (SVK)
: 11-0 D, 2-1 E

* Beat Arras (FRA) 70-67 on the road. Janis Kacens at jokes that anyone who loses to Arras should be demoted to Eurocup. Well, it almost happened with Good Angels down 60-50 in the fourth, but they dug themselves out for the win. Six of the last eight Good Angels points came from free throws.

Arras: Dawn Evans 15/6 reb, Ines Ajanovic 13/7 reb, Johanne Gomis 12, Radoslava Bachvarova 10.
Good Angels: Helena Severisdottir 17, Allie Quigley 16, Tijana Krivacevic 12/8 reb (Plenette Pierson 6).

* Beat Poprad (SVK) 114-35. Another laugher from the Slovak league.

Next: Nov 17 vs. MKB Ruzomberok (SVK).

Bonus Content

Tina Charles talks (starting at 1:20) about Hurricane Sandy and playing with Katie Douglas at Wisla in the future.

Diana Taurasi:

Hayri Pekergin : An article about FIBA Television Contracts and roster depth, at this link.

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