Euroball update: 13 October 2012

Sue Favor over at writes about the poor economy in Europe and how it is affecting professional basketball there.

Boris Lelchitski, founder and CEO of Sports International Group, Inc., said many other teams have folded as well. Three of the hardest-hit countries have been Spain, Greece and Italy.

"In Spain it's really bad....Greece - it's a complete wreck," he said. "A lot of teams in Italy, where the economy is really bad, they dramatically cut their budgets."

Women's professional basketball in Europe and Asia is directly effected by the worldwide recession because teams there are sponsored by businesses and governments. When faced with keeping their enterprises alive, companies cut the extras, like their team sponsorships. Ditto, governments. And as up to 100 percent of a team's budget can come from sponsors, some franchises are forced to fold.

This is what happened to Ros Casares, the best team in Europe last year. First comes the celebration for winning Euroleague, the most prestigious tournament in Europe, the equivalent of the European pro championship. But before you know it, they're folding.

The article discusses the situation in Spain and Greece in extra detail. Most Spanish teams were sponsored by construction companies, which were hit hard. In Greece, the Greek Basketball Federation reduced its sponsorship by 90 percent. Athinaikos, Greece's premiere team, will not play in Euroleague or Eurocup this year and Greek clubs are having to fill their rosters with amateurs.

Salaries have dropped 30 to 40 percent across Europe. This could have all sorts of effects on American ball. Players in Europe might see America as a (slightly) more appealing place to make a living - or American players might decide to pursue coaching careers if they can't make a nice salary in Europe.

Standings for October 13, 2012

D: Domestic league record (Ex: A 6-3 D listed after a country's team means they have a 6-3 record in the country league)
E: Euroleague record (where applicable)
EC: Eurocup record (where applicable)

1. Spartak Vidnoe Moscow (RUS): 0-0 D

No games played.

Next: Oct 18 vs Energy Ivanova (RUS), domestic league opener

2. UMMC (RUS): 0-0 D

Beat UNI Gyor (HUN) 78-55 in first game of the UMMC Cup. Sandrine Gruda had 28 points and Quanitra Hollingsworth had nine points. Sue Bird won't be there until after January 1st due to hip surgery.

Next: Oct 14 vs. Nadezhda (RUS) (UMMC cup final), Oct 18 vs. Rostov (RUS), domestic league opener

3. Fenerbahce (TUR): 0-0 D

No games played.

Next: Oct 21 vs. Canik Bld (TUR), domestic league opener.

4. Perfumerias (ESP): 0-0 D

Beat Girona (ESP) 68-59 in Spanish SuperCup. Roneeka Hodges scored 19 for Perfumerias, Jacinta Monroe had 16 points in a losing effort for Girona.

Next: Oct 20 vs. #12 Rivas Ecopolis (ESP) in a *big* domestic league opener.

5. Wisla Can-Pack (POL): 3-0 D

Beat Gorzow (POL) 58-36. Remeber Chineze Nwagbo of Syracuse? She had 10 pts/9 reb for Gorzow in the loss. Only Anke de Mondt is at Wisla right now, Tina Charles isn't there yet and big questions about Katie Douglas.

Next: Oct 17 vs. ROW Rybnik (POL), Oct 20 vs. BI Gyndia (POL)

6. Athinakios (GRE): 2-0 D

Beat Ikaros Kalitheas (GRE) 81-63. The only reason they're at #6 is due to the limitations of the ranking system; they'll tumble if they lose in the weak Greek domestic league. Diana Delva (Hartford) scored 14 for the losers; only known foreign player on both rosters.

Next: Oct 20 vs. PAOK (GRE).

7. Galatasaray (TUR): 0-0 D (up from #8)

No games played.

Next: Oct 20 vs. Ceyhan Bld (TUR) in the domestic league opener.

7. (tie) Taranto (ITA): 0-0 D (up from #8)

No games played.

Next: Oct 14 vs. Faenza (ITA) (domestic league opener), Oct 21 vs. Umbertide (ITA)

9. Bourges (FRA): 3-1 D (down from #7)

Lost to Aix-en-Provence (FRA) 83-79. No information about loss at initial posting, but losses like that shouldn't happen.

Next: Oct 20 vs. Toulouse (FRA)

10. Familia Schio (ITA): 0-0 D

No games played.

Next: Oct 14 vs. Lucca (ITA) in domestic league opener.

11. Good Angels (SVK): 8-0 D

Beat Levice (SVK) 116-53 in domestic league play - they beat Poprad (SVK) 124-13 earlier this year, astronomical scores aren't unheard of in domestic play. No information, and it's probably best that way.

Next: Oct 24 vs. Nadezhda (RUS) in the opening round of Euroleague.

12. Rivas Ecopolis (ESP): 0-0 D

No games played.

: Oct 20 vs. #4 Perfumerias (ESP) in a very important game.

Today's bonus: The entire Supercup game vs. Perfumerias and Girona, in the link below for all the Roneeka Hodges fans.

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