Kaela Davis verbally commits to Georgia Tech after de-committing from Tennessee

6-foot-2 women's college basketball prospect Kaela Davis, daughter of former NBA player Antonio Davis, reopened her recruitment in February after initially committing to the Tennessee Lady Vols due to concerns about the future of then-head coach Pat Summitt's future with the program. After months of speculation, Davis surprisingly settled on staying in-state at Georgia Tech. (Click here for an older post on Davis as well)

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Kaela Davis and high school team "part ways"

Kaela Davis, the nation's No. 2 recruit, has apparently finished her prep career early.


Georgia Tech strikes gold: Kaela Davis commits

The Kaela Davis saga comes to a close with the #2 recruit in the nation choosing Georgia Tech, which is a potentially pivotal moment in program history.


Kaela Davis to announce college decision today

After yesterday's rumor that Georgia Tech had moved to the top of the list for Kaela Davis, the nation's #2 recruit, she will announce her decision today at 2:45 p.m. EDT.

When thinking about how likely a choice Georgia Tech is, the criteria described in James Bowman's piece today detailing how basketball recruits make decisions is interesting:

Factors having great predictive significance were:

  • Whether the athlete made an "official visit" to a specific college
  • Whether the school is in a BCS conference
  • The distance from the high school athlete’s hometown to a specific school
  • Whether the recruit is in the same state as a specific school
  • The final AP Ranking of a specific school in the previous year of competition

As James explains, those factors were not specific to women's basketball, but Georgia Tech certainly fits the criteria for Davis as a school that finished last season 10th in the AP poll and will begin the season in the Top 25 once again.

For more on this developing story, check out our storystream by using the sidebar on the right hand side of this page.


How do basketball recruits make their decisions?

With the nation's top recruit narrowing her choices to Tennessee and Louisville before making a final decision this week and the Kaela Davis recruiting saga rumored to be coming to a close, we turn our attention to recruiting. Obviously, a good school has good recruits, but what is it that recruits look for? How do basketball players make their decisions?


Rumor: Georgia Tech moves to top of Davis' list

Multiple sources have informed Swish Appeal of an interesting development in the recruiting saga of Buford superstar Kaela Davis: Georgia Tech is rumored to have moved to the top of the nation's #2 recruit's list.

This past weekend, Davis visited Georgia Tech for an official visit. The Yellow Jackets have always been lurking in the background as they have recruited her heavily since her de-commitment from Tennessee. There hasn’t been too much information in regards to her recruiting but many have felt that Tennessee was the favorite especially with her twin brother committing to the Vols in September.

Schools such as Georgia, UCLA and Duke have all been linked to Davis but Georgia Tech wasn’t talked about too much; however, Georgia Tech has been very persistent in their pursuit of the top prospect in their backyard.

Anything can change but as of now, the Yellow Jackets are the presumed frontrunner for the talented guard.

For more on this ongoing recruitment story, check out our storystream using the menu on the right sidebar of this page.


"Has the Rocky Top started to crumble?"

With the SEC media picking the Kentucky Wildcats to win the conference, Greg Alan Edwards of SB Nation's Kentucky blog A Sea of Blue wonders, "Has the Rocky Top started to crumble?"

Has the landscape changed that much in Knoxville? It's truly hard to tell. The Vols have had more than their fair share of bad news in the last few years...The change from Summitt to Warlick should have been a seamless one since Warlick has been by her side for the last 28 years. Unfortunately that didn't go exactly as planned, due to the now pending lawsuit from Deborah Jennings against Tennessee and AD Dave Hart.

News of top recruits Kaela Davis and Jannah Tucker (click here and here) re-opening their recruitment in the aftermath of Holly Warlick taking over for Pat Summitt certainly doesn't much to quell the notion that the program is on less than stable footing either, although both situations could turn out to be much ado about nothing in the end.

For more on Tennessee's situation, check out our storystream on the controversy since the announcement that Pat Summitt would be stepping down by using the menu bar to the right of this page.


Kaela Davis to make official visit to Tennessee

One of the nation's top recruits, Kaela Davis, will make her first official visit this weekend.

For more on Davis' recruitment process, check out the storystream with the sidebar on the right side of this page.


Correction: Davis did not visit Baylor

Earlier tonight, there were two sources that reached out to Swish Appeal saying that Kaela Davis would be present for Baylor's Moonlight Madness.

Shortly after publishing that, Davis tweeted to say it wasn't true. After checking with different sources that were at the event, it turns out that Davis WAS NOT in fact in attendance as we previously reported and she tweeted.

In high school recruiting, there are a litany of rumors circulating and this was one of them which we mistakenly helped perpetuate.


The hype around the decommitment of Kaela Davis

With all of the hype surrounding the de-commitment of Kaela Davis to Tennessee, I decided to take a visit to watch her play against rival GAC.

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