Did bad karma hit the Washington Wizards because of the Mystics 2010-2011 offseason?

This may be a better post for Bullets Forever but I'll ask it here because there aren't enough posters there who know enough about the horrors of Mystics basketball and the 2010-2011 offseason that has been well documented and belabored.

The Washington Wizards are the worst team in the NBA with a 1-10 record. Their defense is below average, but it actually hasn't been that bad statistically, as they only let their opponents make 45% of their shots among other things, but then again this is post lockout basketball. The Wizards offensively however are the worst team in making their own shots making only 40% of them. They are in the bottom three in treys made per game. They average under 16 assists a game with nearly 15 turnovers, and the free throw shooting sucks at 71% not to mention that they get to the line less than 20 times a game. In differential, the Wizards are among the worst, if not the worst in three point shots, rebounds, assists, and of course scoring differential! See team stats here.

Most of our players have clearly regressed from last year. Jordan Crawford is a poor man's Allen Iverson having a bad day, EVERY DAY! I almost forgot that he was supposed to be better than Michael Jordan this year! Nick Young still doesn't pass the damn ball! John Wall is looking like the next Kwame Brown now and still can't shoot! Jan Vesely, the first pick in the draft airballed his first free throw and almost did the same thing for his second. Shelvin Mack barely plays despite playing with 10 times as much poise as Wall! JaVale McGee is trying to garner votes for the All-Star Game on social media! And Andray Blatche was named a captain for at least ONE GAME! I still can't believe that clown was a captain under any circumstance!

I could go on and on about the Wizards troubles, but this is a WNBA blog. So here is the thing.

I am getting more and more convinced with every loss that this isn't because the players all decided to play like crap every game. I just think that some divine force has imposed it on the Verizon Center. Why? Last offseason, Mystics ownership decided to make front office changes to save money, when many people basically have shot this down as a good reason why, not to mention the lack of transparency. Last year, the organization got what it paid for, the second worst record in the WNBA, and no good draft pick to show for it.

This past fall, it seemed that the Caps were getting punished for it too. They win their first seven straight games, and then cooled as quickly as a microwave in reverse, culminating in the firing of Bruce Boudreau. To be fair, the current head coach, Dale Hunter has turned the ship around as of late, but either way, I just don't see a big Silver Cup coming to Verizon Center this June.

As for the Wizards, well, they've just been bad. Our new logos and uniforms are clearly lipstick on a pig! And this pig isn't cute like Babe, we're talking about and ugly nasty pig that can't stop eating for its own good! It almost seems like God is punishing ownership and our fans because of the Mystics' mishaps, since the Wizards players are playing badly, Flip Saunders doesn't know that this team needs to play an UP TEMPO offense because Wall is a blazing fast guard, and not to mention, our roster's most talented players are mostly clowns like Blatche, McGee, and Young, the latter two who sniff Cinnamon on YouTube, and the hardest working players like Trevor Booker don't have height or super talent, or maybe both. We are so unsatisfied with the Wizards to the point where one guy (not me), wants Maya Moore on the team!

As badly as the Mystics were run last year, there's one thing about them that make me happy to be a fan of the team, and it's that I can definitely tell you that all the players take their game seriously and aren't clowns like the three players I mentioned on the Wizards. If there was one reason why I renewed my Mystics season tickets for 2012 despite the fact that we will probably suck this summer in an attempt to get Griner/Diggins/Delle Donne, it's because our players at least play professionally. If the Mystics rebuild successfully and the Wizards can't, this is the number one reason why. Players who take their jobs seriously!

Do you think God or some divine force decided to pull up a "what goes around comes around" thing on Mystics/Wiz/Caps ownership? Or am I just looking for reasons to be angry..

End of rant. Sorry for putting too much wizards into this. In an hour from now, I'll be heading off to Verizon Center to watch the Wizards play some more bad basketball, while most of you see Tim Tebow..... Go Wizards!

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