Thursday Night Open Thread: Storm vs. Shock on iPhone app release day

Who: Seattle Storm vs. Tulsa Shock

When: 7 p.m. PST (it's there, so I'm not catering to you east coasters tonight)

Where: KeyArena - Seattle, WA

Watch: WNBA LiveAccess

Preview: Insider Preview

Storyline: Three Keys For The Shock To End Their Losing Streak At KeyArena (SBN Seattle)

What: You all know where the lines are drawn here: Jessica's rooting for the Shock, I'm rooting for the Storm not to hurt the Jessica's feelings too badly at KeyArena. So yeah, there's that.

But I'm sure you've noticed the SB Nation iPhone app release ads...well...everywhere...on every site on SB Nation. But with the combination of a new app with which to access Swish Appeal and the WNBA's Center Court app, the experience of the WNBA seems to be enhanced for SBN users.

Ok, full disclosure: I don't even have an iPhone so I don't know if all of these newfangled apps are as awesome as people are saying. But apparently, people are liking it. From the SBN tech team:


So my ignorance of this craze is part of why I want feedback - two questions if you're using either of these things on the iPhone during this game (that come out of ignorance as much as curiosity to make the site better):

  • How easy is it to switch between the Center Court app and a Swish Appeal game thread on the SBN app?
  • What is the experience of a thread with a couple hundred comments via the iPhone app?

To answer another question if you're trying to search through the iPhone app: Where is the WNBA on SB Nation?

A few places:

  • It's a cool site that you should check out sometime.
  • SBN regionals: three SBN regional sites keep track of the WNBA consistently: SBN Arizona (Seth Pollack, et al.), SBN Atlanta (Kris Willis), and SBN Seattle (me). SBN Seattle is also keeping tabs on the Western Conference playoff race here.

    Those links are to WNBA sections at those regionals and the "storystreams" we have there for game days - particularly the playoffs - are apparently available via the iPhone app. My understanding is all the streams for the Phoenix Mercury, Atlanta Dream, and Seattle Storm should show up well on this app. But again - let me know.

Anyway, just to back up if you're new here, a few tips on how to participate in an "open thread".

How to participate:

  • This is an open thread, which means it's open to you to say whatever you want within reason (you know the rules). So bring all your best links, insights and more ways the Shock can beat the Storm in the comments.
  • If you're not near a computer, you can also access the site via
  • Better yet, if you're one of the cool kids that has a fancy iPhone, download SB Nation's new FREE iPhone app. Mainly because it's free and free stuff is good, but also because it's a way that you can interact with us from the game, which means you'll have insights to share that most of us just don't have access to.

More on the iPhone app from around SB Nation:

SB Nation iPhone App Frequently Asked Questions

SB Nation's iPhone app page

Direct link for the app


Download The SB Nation iPhone App And Tell Us What You Think

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