If I was on the production team for a 2010 Storm Championship DVD...

I would go crazy with the music selection. I have it all planned out for all the chapters of the season.

The first part of the DVD would be an introduction to the Seattle franchise, with voice-overs from the players talking about what it means to wear a Storm jersey, and the pride and responsibility that comes with it, and what draws America towards this team. Playing in the background would be Procession of the Nobles, by Rimsky Korsakov. A very classy and majestic way to get the viewers settled in.

Chapter two would start with a black screen, with the words, "2007 Conference Semi-Finals: Game 2" and show footage of the dying minutes of Seattle at Phoenix, being eliminated from the playoffs. The footage would be in black and white, with The Grand Duel from Kill Bill in the background. A narrator would talk about how the Storm were knocked out of the first round for the third straight year, and this time they would have to face the possibility that they were playing their last ever game for Seattle. Then we would see the Storm purchased by Force 10 Hoops LLC to keep the team in Seattle, but it would be bittersweet, because we would see the Sonics leave Seattle...perhaps forever. It's a very gloomy and heartbreaking scene, to give the viewer an idea of the trying times Seattle went through before this year.

Chapter three would show the start of the season, with the Storm on a tear, jumping out to a 16-2 record. A fast-paced, energetic song would play over this, like Riding the Shell from Rayman. Along the way we would see interviews from the players and coaching staff talking about what the Storm were doing so well. We would see footage from blowouts and nailbiting wins, usually against Phoenix. This would also be the part where the narrator would talk extensively about the individual players on the team, and what they provided for the Storm.

Chapter four would then show that the Storm weren't perfect; sometimes they did lose. It would highlight the embarrassing defeat against the WNBA's worst team, the Tulsa Shock. A slow, plodding, repetitive song, like Clark's Theme from Rayman, would work here. But we would also see the Storm avenging their losses, with footage from the historic 111-65 win, and the 80-60 win against Chicago. (I was at that game!) The narrator would then transition to the season winding down, talking about how the Storm wrapped up the best record in the WNBA, capping off one of the best regular seasons in Seattle Sports history.

Chapter five would be the start of the playoffs. It would begin by showing black and white footage from the 3 defeats Seattle suffered at the hands of the LA Sparks, along with the captions "2006"..."2008"..."2009". The music would be bitter and sorrowful, kinda like Born on the Fourth of July

Game 1 vs the Sparks in Seattle would use Gnasty Gnorc from Spyro. Serious and intense, since we were trying to erase our painful playoff demons.

Game 2 at Los Angeles would use Gnasty's Loot. A far more cheerful and triumphant song, perfect for wrapping up the series and finally putting the LA nightmare to an end.

For the conference finals, the DVD would briefly introduce the Phoenix Mercury with a few sentences and the music Krook's March from Donkey Kong Country 2.

Game 1 in Seattle would use Phoenix Fire from Nightfire. A perfect song for a very pivotal contest against a dangerous team.

Game 2 in Phoenix would use Cradle from Goldeneye. Stressful, hard-fought, back and forth, and fast paced. And for our 15-0 run to pull off an incredible come from behind win, well, fast forward to the 1:59 mark in that video. During our celebration in winning the WCF and the Western Conference trophy presentation, the theme from Castle in the Sky would play. A nice way to wind down after a game for the ages.

Chapter six would be the WNBA Finals. We would start with a quick background story on the Atlanta Dream, and their playoff run. It's hard to explain, but I would want to use The Dance by Charlotte Martin. I know, it's kind of weird to hear this music while watching the Dream upset the Mystics and Liberty, but I like it. I think it's the drums that make it a great fit.

Before the finals begin, the DVD would show the city of Seattle getting ready for the Finals. Any music that feels perilous, but foreshadowing, would do nicely here, such as Toasty from Sypro. We would see the Finals flag flying atop the Space Needle, fans in jerseys walking around Key Arena, buying merchandise, handing in tickets, getting programs, yelling and chanting their support for their Storm.

Game 1 would need music to create a rush of adrenaline, like the boss theme from Digimon World 3. As for the final minute of the game, we would need a change of pace, perhaps Hell's Kitchen from Lord of the Dance. (Go to the 5:05 mark in the video)

Game 2 would only a bit easier than Game 1. The finish wouldn't be as nailbiting, so a less stressful song, like Twilight Harbor from Spyro, would work here. Also, in between the games, we would see the Storm players practicing in a gym and getting ready for the next game.

For Game 3, both the pregame showing fans in Atlanta excited about the game and the game itself, we would need a very climatic, final battle kind of song. I can think of no better example than Equinox from Nightfire.

And finally, for the trophy presentation, the Storm partying in the locker room, coming home to Seattle, and the championship parade, we would need a conclusive, joyous song that makes one feel like the worst is over and your deepest dream has come true. I know just the song, and you know it works just by looking at the title: Reaching for Heaven from the movie Ice Princess. This song would play while the credits roll.

Yeah, I know, I selected a lot of video game songs. I still think I made some good choices.

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