Indiana Fever Locker Room Confidential, 77-67 over Sun


Here are videos of postgame interviews with the Indiana Fever stars of Sunday's home win over the Connecticut Sun, starting with Fever coach Lin Dunn's postgame presser.

Overall, the attendance and crowd excitement for this game was pretty raucous.

The Sun were down 20 points before coming back in the 3rd and 4th quarter to tie the game at 60-all with seven minutes to go.

100613 Lin Dunn Postgame Presser.AVI (via samjames009)



  • Better defensive intensity this game than on Friday, shutting down Tina Charles and Renee Montgomery (Tully Bevilaqua deserves credit for blanketing Montgomery).
  • Catchings was incredible in the clutch. (No kidding, watch the last seven minutes of this game to see why)
  • The team needs to stop complaining about calls.  (Yes, that means you, Katie!)
  • The team still is needs practice time to work out offensive kinks.  (The whole team has only practiced once together with Briann January and Shavonte Zellous)
  • Big week this week at home: Seattle and Atlanta. (Fans, these are going to be great, GREAT games!)


Tamika Catchings, postgame

100613 Tamika Catchings.AVI (via samjames009)

  • Talks about complaining about calls during the Sun's 3rd quarter comeback
  • Required Intensity... Catchings talks about 40 minutes of intensity, but that clearly wasn't this game.


Katie Doulgas, postgame

100613 Katie Douglas.AVI (via samjames009)

  • It's tough to put away any team at the half, no matter how many points you are up.
  • It's a solid win against a solid team.
  • The team is moving better on defense.  If we are a second late on our defensive rotations, in this league, they'll punish us.


Tammy Sutton-Brown on her defense and on Tamika Catchings' clutch play.

100613 Tammy Sutton-Brown.AVI (via samjames009)

  • Our defense is hard work, but that's all we have.
  • It was a great win, especially against the Sun's great post players.



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